Do you have any of these Sister who can not stand the most of the body odor 3u8547

Do you have any of these? Sister who can not stand the most of the body odor? Although with a sensual shape animation but only is the lack of taste, many animation in the plot if you consider the taste is not is not so beautiful? No matter how good things can not stand the taste of the test, then the sister who can not stand the most of the body odor? Recently, the Japanese media conducted an investigation. Question: so far, have you ever thought that your boyfriend is smelly? There have been…… 25.6% no…… 74.4% it seems that most have a girlfriend of men still know how to maintain a good smell, there are more than 70% of the woman not to think that her boyfriend stink, but I’m afraid this is the reason of love! So I think there is a smelly smell in her boyfriend’s sister, what are the smell? Bad breath – "he sometimes would come home with bad breath." (28 year old insurance Secretary) "will have the garlic, when he finished the Hand-Pulled Noodle." (32 year old construction office) "after dinner while kissing I will care about his bad breath." (24 year old nurse in the medical profession) "get up in the morning and go home at night." (33 year old real estate office) after "sweat sweat, close to my body full of sweat." (26 year old salesman in the chemical fiber industry), "he was wearing a sweat shirt when he was working in the summer." (31 year old drug · cosmetics back office) "his sweat is really hurts me." (32 year old food · beverage; special post) – "I will be concerned about his armpit body odor smell, to smell fox odor blowing, I unconsciously said:" stink! "" (28 year old food · beverage; back office) "he underarm body odor somewhat like the smell of sulfur." (26 medical nurses) – "the smell of the scalp, scalp odor when sleep together with him, in order to prevent his head leaned over and I will try to distance." (26 years old IT industry "back office) rides the smell of his scalp will pass over, it is a unique taste of" man. "." (32 years old in the tourism industry) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: