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Domain-Names Why does one name sell for six figures, while another languishes on an auction site with a $100 reserve for months, unable to get even a smidgen of interest? Sometimes the two domains are similar, with only a one or two character difference. Beds.. and Bedsx.. .e to mind, the former being worth hundreds, even thousands of times more than the latter. There are six primary elements that make a keyword domain name great and valuable and worthy, and you’ll want to evaluate these factors before you buy. They apply to names you register fresh, names you purchase privately, and names you bid on at auction. A little research upfront can save a lot of grief down the road when it .es time to sell or develop. 1. Keyword volume: Keyword research is step one for finding a good potential domain name. Popular keywords get traffic so check out your domain words on WordTracker or Google Adwords, so you can see just how popular your keywords are. There are several tools you can use; which may give differing results, but you will soon get the idea and you will feel confident in choosing the keywords that will result in good traffic. 2. .monality: A .mon view is that domain names are valued for their uniqueness but I say that any domain name falls into one category. I like names with words that are .monly used in day to day life, you know – words that stick. Words need to be chose on a certain order and you need to value pluralization too. Let’s just explain that with these factors – market, marketing, markets. SportCars.. is not as valuable as SportsCars.., and is a loser domain name put up against RunningShoes… If you run a few checks on Google you will see that ShoesRunning.. is nowhere to be seen. 3. True type-in traffic: You would normally have great difficulty in viewing this type of information before investing in a domain name. The principal concern is just how much type-in traffic the name receives, but this should not include visitors who get referred from search engines and links and these are not long term factors. 4. Length: A further important consideration is the domain length. Short domain names will get better results because they are a lot easier to remember and spell and would convert into loads more traffic. Branding domains with takinf these important factors into account will increase drastically the domain name value which is great news if later sell your domain. 5. Prior use: If the domain has a past life, and was acquired through a drop service or from an expired list, you want to know about it. Forget perceived positives like search engine ranking and PR since those will likely disappear after the name is in your hands. Instead, delve into the name’s dark side. Was it ever used for spamming? Is it banned from Google’s index? Did it previously contain questionable content? these negatives can be more work than you bargained for, even with an otherwise great name. 6. End user development potential: The one thing pretty much everyone in this business agrees on is a domain needs to be developable. In other words, you must always ask yourself this: Would I or anyone else be willing to spend money to put up a Web site on this name? If the answer is no, it will never truly be considered great. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: