Don’t give way to express little brother a Nanjing driver severing 6 ribs, Jian

Don’t give way to express little brother   a Nanjing driver severing 6 ribs, Jiangsu windows — original title: on the way back, don’t give way to anger clogging recently, Nanjing police received the cause of road rage triggered alarm. These "road rage" not only add to the traffic jam, but also to get into trouble. Two days ago, Nanjing Hongwu Road police station received a public alarm, said someone hit a go by in three lane near, looks like is intentionally hit. Police immediately rushed to the scene, the driver Yang back to the police station, and the injured to a nearby hospital express little brother. The doctor, express little brother no danger, but there is a large area of bruises, who in addition, 6 ribs were cut. So what happened in the end, Yang injured to express little brother? According to Yang, the same day, he drove into the alley, because the alley is very narrow, press a horn let the other side, but did not expect the other car in front of the car up at the cross. Yang a hot head, drove to the express little brother, a car until the car stopped next to hit. At this time, express little brother has been lying on the ground, covered in blood. Currently, Yang was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury Qinhuai police criminal detention, the case is being further processed. Police warned that the holiday car travel increased, prone to congestion on the road. But the traffic jam does not block the heart, do not make a special move because of momentary anger. (reporter Tao Weizhou correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang) (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: