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Don’t worry about food odor crowd tags chopping board for regular cooking delicacy of the users, I believe that often have such experience. That is in the kitchen, raw and cooked food should be separated, it can prevent the occurrence of odor between different foods, also to ensure the health and safety. But in daily use, sometimes not distinct boards, which appeared in the case mix. So, how should this situation be solved? The new cutting board in excellent practicability has in view of this situation, a brain hole wide open designers to design a new cutting board for us. With it, you don’t have to worry about this kind of problem. From the picture we can see that the designer of the identification marks on the edge of the chopping board. For example, fish patterns are used to deal with fish. The carrot pattern is used for cutting vegetables, in addition, also the design pattern is used to cut food labels, cooked you can find what you want, carnivorous, cut different ingredients. Different cutting boards corresponding to different labels, avoid using the wrong clear division of the cutting board four chopping board suit design, when not in use can also be housed together, both clean and convenient. In the material, the new chopping board is very environmentally friendly, did not use the traditional wooden or plastic material, but the use of stainless steel material, can be said to be very durable.

不再担心食物串味 围观新式标签切菜板   对于经常下厨烹饪美食的网友来说,相信常常都有这样的体会。那就是在切菜的时候,生熟食品要分开,这样既可避免不同食物之间发生串味,还确保了卫生安全。但是在日常使用中,有时候会分不清切菜板,从而出现混用的情况。那么,这种情况应该如何解决呢? 实用性极佳的新式切菜板问世   针对这种情况,有脑洞大开的设计师为我们设计了一款新式切菜板。有了它,就不用再为这样的问题而烦恼了。从图片中大家可以看出,设计师在切菜板的边缘设计了辨识标识。比如带有鱼的图案,表示用来处理鱼肉。而胡萝卜的图案,则是用来切蔬菜的,除此之外,还设计熟食的图案标识,用来切煮熟的肉食,大家可以按图索骥,切不同的食材。 不同切菜板对应着不同标签,避免用错 分工明确的切菜板   四个切菜板的套装设计,不使用的时候还可以收纳到一起,既干净又方便。在材质方面,这款新式切菜板也是非常环保的,没有采用传统的木质或者塑料材质,而是使用了不锈钢材质制造,可以说是十分经久耐用的。相关的主题文章: