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Useful Tips For Cloud Chasing Vaping Sport Posted By: Leo Zackerman As vaping electronic cigarette pens has gained huge popularity, a competitive vaping sport too has become famous. The sport is called cloud chasing. So what exactly is cloud chasing? Cloud chasing, also known as stunt vaping, is actually an extreme vaping activity in which users produce large clouds of vapor using an electronic cigarette pen. Cloud chasing is a fun, recreational activity that first began in the West Coast of the US. This sport has become so popular that competitions and contests are held across the country and cloud chasing enthusiasts participate in the sport to generate the biggest, mind-boggling vapor clouds. The whole purpose of the activity is to see who can produce the densest, massive vapor clouds humanly possible. Users or vapers who blow massive clouds of vapor are known as cloud-chasers. As more and more people are switching to vaping and many are keen on cloud chasing, let’s have a look at some of the useful tips for vapers who want to produce massive clouds: Battery device If you want to exhale serious, massive cloud vapor, you need a powerful battery to power your electronic cigarette device.

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Atomizer Electronic Cigarette Brands Posted By: Kermit Milligan I am under no false awareness…..using snus is not safe….but is safer. I only say this because of the research I began to do on snus. What i found was that producers of snus where vital to put warnings on their own product that included "this product can cause mouth cancer". But our research revealed that there isn’t any studies showing that snus can cause mouth melanoma. And there are some massive studies to consult. In fact one used 279,897 people over a age 14 year period with a huge follow up 12 several later (in 2004). This study, as suggested in an earlier article about FDA regulation, indicated that snus did not increase the risk of getting dental problems cancer. When the e-cigarettes were delivered as a substitute because of the traditional nicotine adher at first, a multitude of people were extremely surprised. Besides that, it was extremely interesting to many people when they realized that a vast number of people such as celebrities are using any e-cogs as well.

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