Even the clerk can not tell! Japanese magazine layout provoke controversy tianbi

Even the clerk can not tell! Japanese magazine typesetting controversial people look at the magazine, the first thing you will notice is the cover or title? Recently, the Japanese friends found that the magazine pictures are now the title of the magazine cover. Originally, the users only on the Internet Tucao own experience, but did not expect the controversy triggered factions. A group of friends is to support the user’s argument that the current layout of these magazines is really a problem. The other is that the magazine had to rely on the cover to attract others. The net friend originally wanted to buy a child to the magazine, but has been unable to find help clerks. After the last clerk pulls out magazine and the friends together to complain, this magazine who can find? Children’s magazines seem to really like the big picture, the title can not find where. The study found that not only children’s magazines like to use pictures to cover the title, even women’s magazines have such a situation. The women’s magazine called her ",,". Even the weekly youth JUMP also have such a situation. The views of netizens are divided into two factions, one faction believes that the main value of picture is magazine. The other side thinks it may not matter to the old reader, but it is difficult for the new readers who have not yet acquired the habit to find the same set of magazines Do not know which side do you think is more reasonable? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: