Fails to apply for public donations of caring people were identified and the student illegal checked ca1871

Fails to apply for public donations of caring people were identified and the student fails to apply for illegal checked and identified as the charity organizations are not qualified to carry out charitable activities, but open to the community donations, public donations but not to the civil affairs department for the record…… According to the September 1st implementation of China’s first charity act, a series of acts have been illegal. The reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Bureau recently on September this year just as "charity law", and the city’s first case of illegal charity. In September 17th, a large central square, a social organization held a field student twinning activities. The event provides the western region more than 180 Guizhou poor students for public information, helping twinning recognized on the spot, with hundreds of successful pairing. Civil law enforcement detachment law enforcement department staff after receiving clues, immediately to carry out the investigation, and the social organization of the person in charge of law enforcement interviews. After investigation, the social organization for a public service activities of private non enterprise units, the person responsible for a caring person, often organized by WeChat and other charitable activities such as student aid. Because the organization fails to apply for and be identified as charitable organizations and charitable activities, not to the public to carry out public fund-raising fund-raising scheme without qualification, to the civil affairs department for the record, was ordered to immediately stop the activities. Staff told reporters that the law enforcement detachment of law enforcement personnel to the organization responsible for the publicity and interpretation of the "charity law", and suggested that the prior to the civil affairs department shall apply for charitable organizations, because of the public there is no money, so there is no economic problems, no penalties such as fines on the. Staff also reminded that, even after being identified as charitable organizations, the need to obtain the qualifications of public donations, or public donations should be organized with qualified organizations or institutions. "Charity law" in March 16th this year by the twelfth session of the National People’s Congress adopted the fourth meeting, since September 1st. This is the first charity law in the history of our country, and it is also the first basic and comprehensive law. (reporter Fang Wei)相关的主题文章: