Flowers open! Haikou spring festival flowers to send the route! Let’s get together!

in the north, have always been dubbed Snow gleams white. situation. From the head to the foot of the armed, eyeful are all gray and white, although there are red lanterns and couplets dotted among them, but there is always some color and vitality.

but in the new year in Hainan, the island of enthusiasm, always surprise to the guests a little color to see. New Huacheng new Haikou, the Spring Festival and the family or about 35 friends together to enjoy the flowers, not to have a taste!

Binhai Park triangle plum blossom show

golden flowers of spring, yingxiang. The triangle plum exhibition invited 51 provinces inside and outside the enterprise and individual exhibitors were from Hainan (Haikou, Sanya), Guangdong (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan), Guangxi (Nanning), Yunnan (Kunming, Yiliang), Fujian (Zhangzhou, Xiamen), Shanghai, 10 counties in 7 provinces of Sichuan. Through the characteristics of the triangle plum display, combined with a variety of shapes, such as triangle plum art show, to the public visitors to show unusual Bougainvillea and a wide variety of Bougainvillea art works.


exhibited a total of 80 kinds of flower bougainvillea, lemon yellow, red, Roseville double joy, Monalisa, cherry, red cherry, green orange, dark spots and small pink ice.

triangle plum maze: to triangle plum combine with other flowers and plants, to create fun interactive plant maze, for the public to play.

triangle plum waterfall: the use of the park terrain to create a waterfall from the top of the Pentium, the formation of the face, the magnificent plant landscape.

triangle plum sea : the use of Bougainvillea and seasonal flowers to create a landscape with flowers, to provide visitors with a view to stop the beautiful scenery.

: the response of Maritime Silk Road Landscape lighthouse, a symbol of the beacon of hope standing in the lake, to illuminate the whole lake, a ship triangle plum ship pilot, gorgeous lighting for the flower show spice.

address: Binhai Road in Longhua District of Hainan province Haikou City Taihua intersection southwest

Hainan flower world

Hainan flower world is located in the beautiful scenery of the South Bridge crossing the river, covers an area of 300 acres, is approved by the district government approval, Joan Haikou municipal government "the Haikou municipal key forestry project", it sets potted flower planting, cultivation, display as a whole, so far, a potted flower in our province and related industrial trading platform. The flowers have been used in the world and the opening of the functional areas include: Flower area, bonsai area, landscape nursery area, Chinese and foreign famous park, integrated area, research area, leisure area, flower;