Fourth Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Nanjing Li Qiang instructions zhongguorentiyishu

Fourth Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Nanjing, Li Qiang made instructions on the 3, the fourth session of the Jiangsu Internet Conference held in Nanjing. Provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang instructions to the general assembly. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Wang Yanwen, vice governor Ma Qiulin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Qiang pointed out that in the current era, the Internet as the core of the information technology revolution has entered a full penetration, cross-border integration, accelerate innovation, leading the development of a new stage. The fourth Jiangsu Internet Conference to integration and innovation, build and share, so that the Internet is better for the benefit of the people as the theme, fit the new situation of the development of the Internet, the topic is very good, significant. To strengthen the planning, careful organization, focus, vigorously promote the efforts of the general assembly into a distinctive, fruitful, influential Internet event. The platform effects should make full use of the general assembly, more information, gathering talent, capital, technology and other high-quality resources, accelerate economic transformation and upgrading to add momentum to the construction of the network, the province. Provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the Internet, made it clear that the future of Jiangsu should focus on economic development, resources and space to the development of new Internet economy. Congress, to firmly establish the concept of innovation and development, to expand the space of network economy, focus on building a delicate gas is in the network space, effectively maintain network security, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise network, bigger and stronger in our province network business, let the Internet to help Jiangsu economic transformation and upgrading, to better benefit the people. Congress, to further accelerate the new generation of information and communication infrastructure, widely promote the Internet and industry, agriculture, services, transportation, medical, government management and public services in areas such as the depth of integration, and constantly improve the level of development of the internet. A "talkative" robot exhibition debut attracted many visitors. Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie, academician Cao Fuliang respectively focus on the future of the network "," Internet plus modern agriculture "introduces the new trend of Internet development and application of new achievements. The conference released the first Jiangsu Internet network enterprises exchange list, Jiangsu province "," 13th Five-Year "information and communication industry development planning", "Jiangsu public transport travel information service" and other authoritative information. At the same time, "media and new media integration and innovation" and "sharing economy and the wisdom of the family", "big data and cloud computing, electronic commerce and Internet industry", "network information security", "enterprise users dialogue big coffee cafe", "Youth Internet entrepreneurs" such as forum, experts and scholars of discuss and exchange. The general assembly has a "light of innovation" exhibition, divided into basic network, the five major media area, more than 80 exhibitors. The general assembly by the Jiangsu provincial network letter office, Provincial Communications Authority guidance, the provincial Internet association hosted more than 2000 ginseng.相关的主题文章: