Fuzhou weekend temperatures rose slightly next week to start the minimum temperature of only 15 degr yuanjiao

Fuzhou weekend temperatures rebounded slightly minimum temperature is only 15 degrees to the news network November 5th next week (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Xia Yuqing) yesterday morning the temperature in Fuzhou still let people feel a chill surplus sleeve, ushered in the two day weekend weather, warmer weather, but this is only temporary. Next week, there will be a new arrival of a strong cold air, the temperature will be significantly decreased throughout the province. 9 – 11, the cumulative decline in the minimum temperature, up to the Northwest Nanping and Sanming, Ningde and Longyan four City 8 DEG ~10 DEG C, more than 10 local. Fuzhou 9 days 10 days minimum temperature has returned to low, low to 15 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is only 20 degrees Celsius, it is more and more strong. Affected by it, 8 – 11, the province’s coastal wind has continued to be larger, the province’s coastal 7~8, gust 9~10 class of northeast wind. According to the Meteorological Department expects today daytime to night, Fuzhou cloudy to overcast, north easterly winds in the afternoon 2~3, temperature of 17 DEG ~26 DEG; tomorrow during the day to night, cloudy night, sporadic rain, north easterly winds in the afternoon 2~3, temperature of 19 DEG ~26 DEG; the day after day to night, overcast to cloudy. North easterly winds in the afternoon 2~3, temperature of 21 DEG ~26 deg. The province’s nine municipalities and districts in Fuzhou today’s weather will be cloudy to overcast cloudy in Xiamen 19 to 17 DEG ~26 DEG ~26 DEG C Quanzhou cloudy cloudy 20 Putian 20 DEG ~26 DEG ~27 DEG C 18 ~25 OC Zhangzhou Ningde cloudy cloudy sunny Longyan 16 19 DEG ~27 DEG ~27 DEG C Sanming 16 ~25 OC Nanping sunny cloudy 16 ~25 OC in Fuzhou the next two days the weather of November 6th cloudy night, sporadic rain 19 DEG ~26 DEG (channel network) >相关的主题文章: