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Gao Yuanyuan has been pregnant Alyssa Chia biography: the media really don’t scold the confirmation of Gao Yuanyuan, Alyssa Chia Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Alyssa Chia attended the 26 events, Shiou revealed that her husband once she is very tired, had to help her wash, wash the bubble to the forehead, also has been said to help her hair, but she does not. Because I think the hair shampoo, or to their own habits to compare, "and why he would wash ah!" She also joked that his strengths are not helping the other half shampoo, "my strength is tapping his face, help him face mask, squeeze acne", otherwise, he can also help shave! Vivian Hsu had brought her son with Dalton does not does not play, paired by netizens praised super adorable speed dating, Alyssa Chia said, now the two kids are too small, there is not much interaction, mostly all of the play, if a bit older can play together, it should be quite lovely, but if Dalton see mom does not does not feel jealous, she does not hold Dalton, is not what the reaction does not. Friend Gao Yuanyuan is then passed Alyssa Chia Oolong pregnant, frankly, the media really Gaima, people are not pregnant written confirmation, "who will be at the airport to wear tights, why wear loose clothes is pregnant? It’s always written this way! Now they are happy, there are two people in the world, why keep staring at the pregnancy, give them some space, let them relax a little bit!" She was also asked her husband Shiou after the army, will re submit the wedding, she said that you can discuss, will look at the status planning, "I am not so dreamy person."".

高圆圆屡被传怀孕 贾静雯:媒体真该骂 都不求证 高圆圆、贾静雯   新浪娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,贾静雯26日出席活动,透露老公修杰楷有次看她很累,曾帮她洗头,结果泡泡洗到额头,还一直说要帮她吹头发,但她不要,因为觉得洗发、吹发还是要自己来比较习惯,“何况他干嘛要那么会洗头啊!”她也笑说自己的强项不在帮另一半洗头,“我的强项是攻他的脸,帮他敷面膜、挤粉刺”,再不然,帮他剃头也可以!   徐若瑄曾带儿子Dalton跟咘咘一起玩,萌配对被网友夸超速配,贾静雯说,现在两个小朋友太小,还没有太多互动,大多各玩各的,如果再长大一点能玩在一起,应该就还蛮可爱的,不过Dalton如果看到妈妈抱咘咘会吃醋,她抱Dalton,咘咘则没什么反应。   好友高圆圆再被传乌龙怀孕,贾静雯直爽地说,媒体真该骂,写人家怀孕都不求证,“谁到机场会穿紧身衣服,为什么穿宽松衣服就是怀孕?每次都这样写!现在他们很幸福啊,有两人世界,为什么要一直盯着怀孕这件事,给他们一点空间、让他们轻松一点嘛!”她也被问老公修杰楷退伍后,会不会补办婚礼,她说可以讨论,会看状况规划,“我也不是那么梦幻的人”。相关的主题文章: