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Food-and-Drink Giant octopus and tilapia are the sea animals found in Africa, New Zeeland, Japan and Southern California. The Giant octopus is a member of octopus genus and tilapia is named for a bunch of fishes. It is the largest cichlid genus which contains hundreds of species. One of the largest species of the octopus is Giant octopus. The blood color of the octopus is blue. The blood contains copper-rich protein hemocyanin, which helps the octopus in oxygen transporting. Generally the Octopuses are known as the intelligent creature. They are Curious and Intelligent compared to fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. According to the study the octopus are smart as dogs. Their intelligent power helps them in hunting. Totally there are eight arms in octopuses and that is another additional help for their hunting skills, they also have 3 hearts and 2 eyes. Two hearts helps the octopus in pumping the blood from two gills and the other one is used for pumping the blood from whole of the body. They make use of the eight arms very smartly to crawl across the bottom. When they hide they are almost invisible because they exactly match the color of the background. They have the ability of changing the colors. The octopus has obvious hearing organs but they dont use any kind of sound communication. Blue-ringed octopus contains enough venomous to kill a man but the number of venomous octopus is very less. The octopus have very short period of life where they live up to six to seven months but the north pacific Giant octopus can live for five years. It is really difficult to hunt the octopus as they are very intelligent and the body structure helps them to hide under any small place. Many octopuses are used for food all around the world. The demand for the octopus is very high because they contain high vitamins which are very essential for human body. There are many places and hotels where you can easily get delicious octopus dishes. Cooking the octopus is not a simple job it needs the right mixture of ingredients to make the prefect octopus dish, just as octopus, tilapia is also mainly used as food for human being. Tilapia is a must item in every Thai food or Thai seafood cuisine. It is also a very important food source for other areas of the word and is also used as the important protein source in poor areas due to the vast availability of tilapias. This was the main food of Taiwan in World War II. Tilapia forming is very popular and money making business in and out of south Asia. The growth of the tilapia is very fast and easy. This forming doesnt require any attention or any organic food. They are very easy to feed and accept almost anything. They can be kept on diet of pellets. They dont need huge ponds or water tanks, they can be easily fed in small tanks or in aquariums. The demand is very huge a large number of tilapia is exported to other parts of the word by frozen food technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: