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Girls killed in the murder suspect: murder so far you are in my script, Mr. Zhou often visit the cemetery to visit her daughter. Mr. Zhou couple Miss Lulu, will again look at the photo album. Yesterday, Lee’s father (who wear masks) came to the city court hearing. Yesterday, Communication University of China was accused of killing girls Lulu (a pseudonym) Lee, on suspicion of intentional homicide in the trial of the third intermediate people’s court. Since the case involves personal privacy, the court held a public hearing in accordance with the law. Last August 9th, at the age of 22 in the study of female postgraduate students were lured to the Lulu rental. In the same year on August 11th morning, the suspect Lee was arrested by the police. The trial is not a public hearing for 5 hours yesterday morning at about 8, 3 police car siren roared down the third hospital. Half an hour later, the victim and the defendant’s parents Lulu Lee’s father has entered the courtroom. Since the case involves personal privacy, the court did not open the case in accordance with the law. According to the prosecution allegations, Lee to seek stimulation, premeditation in August 9, 2015 14 PM, will be only 22 years old Lulu lured to Chaoyang District Guangqulu their rented house, with a pre prepared fruit knife cut, Lulu’s neck, caused by rupture of Lolo left jugular vein caused by hemorrhagic shock and death. Prosecutors believe that Lee intentional deprivation of life caused by the death of others, the circumstances are particularly bad, the consequences are particularly serious, great harm to society, should be held criminally responsible for intentional homicide. For the case, prosecutors did not make clear sentencing recommendations. 1:20 yesterday afternoon, the case after nearly 5 hours of trial adjourned. Lulu’s parents told reporters out of court, Lee in court indifferent attitude and speech makes them very angry, now difficult to calm the mood. "If he had the slightest remorse and apology that I may forgive him, now I firmly hope that the court sentenced him to death." Lulu’s father, Mr. Zhou said. Zhou’s attorney Tian Jun said that the court was very calm Lee mood. Lee pleaded guilty to their behavior, and said, from the murder process to now in their own design, you are in my script." Identification of suspects without symptoms of mental illness, the reporter learned that, after this, Lee has to defend the prosecution of a party to the prosecution for mental illness identification. The hearing, prosecutors submitted to the court on the judicial authentication. Forensic analysis, according to the existing investigation materials combined with mental examination, Lee there are personality defects, do things reckless, advocating violence, the lack of normal ethics and moral feelings. Lee in July 2015 after the frustration of the job burnout, extreme desire for stimulation, the idea of initiation of murder, and therefore write a script to attract the victims, indicating that there is a clear purpose and plan before the incident. After the arrest, Lee can clear account of the facts of the crime and then psychological activities, understanding of the nature and consequences of the behavior, although regret, but no remorse for its lack of remorse and guilt of the doings, performance and inherent personality characteristics (ignoring moral, ignore social norms, make mistakes, not easily admit) about. Therefore, the analysis of forensic analysts believe that Lee in the whole process of committing the crime clear, realistic motivation, no psychotic symptoms"相关的主题文章: