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Business A trophy is the ideal special recognition reward for the endeavors of any person. There is no better form of that special recognition award for richly earned activities and outstanding performances than lasting and classy crystal trophies. The conventional range of trophies are not always very suitable for the occasion. Some examples are the much overused silver cup trophies, the chromed plastic figurine moldings, and the gaudy old ordinary home made, wood crafted varieties. Beautiful crystal trophies .e in a variety of forms, from simpler two dimensional plain type to the intricate 3D laser cut artworks. Through engraving, sandblasting and tinting they can be enhanced with decorative art, given customised inscriptions and even be made or modified into .plex or simple shapes. For an additional enhancement, adding some color to the trophy can give it that extra touch of class. Different crystal color options are available, or a simple clear crystal can even be glazed. Adding a base or parts of a different color, texture or even a different material is also possible, and sometimes advisable, especially on larger presentation pieces. Trophies signify prestigious occasions and should always look the part, they are special and cherished items that will last a lifetime. Trophies have a place of pride in the home, not for only a weeks or months, but lifetimes. The size, detail and physical .plexity of an award is a very important factor. A minimalist approach with a a simple design will work well for some achievements, while a larger and more intricate three dimensional object will work best for others. With present technology, many shapes and forms are possible in crystal. .plicated designs such as sporting objects and figurines, and nearly anything else is possible. To create imagery and matte effects on the surface, techniques such as paint, sandblasting and even laser engraving can be made use of. The professional display of almost any logo, special inscription, or graphics can be applied to give you a high quality product without being expensive. Trophies are displayed prominently and in places of honor in homes and have a decorative aspect to them. Additionally, they should always be suitable for the occasion or they were created for. Crystal is a versatile enough material to be beautiful and appropriate even its simplest forms. Awards and ceremonies create some very special memories for all of us. The more special the occasion and the trophy, the more cherished the memory. The sentimental value of a truly beautiful trophy is something that lives on for a lifetime, whether its from a school-time sporting achievement or a big-time corporate award. Trophies should be treated as the eternal memories that they create. The reward for an achievement should be something that shows worth and appreciation and recognizes special ac.plishments. Cheap and cheesy wood, chrome and plastic alternatives will never do any achievement much justice. Crystal trophies have that special something in their glossy shine and crystal clarity that really sets them apart, making them timeless and truly elegant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: