Guizhou female college students drowned pool court sentenced managers to pay 16 million yuan in Beij sopor aeternus

Guizhou female college students drowned pool court sentenced managers to pay 16 million yuan – Beijing new network in Danzhou in September 13, (Luo Fengling Ye Yuhua) at the age of 20 years in a university in Guizhou, the third grade female students Wu, to Hainan to visit her boyfriend and parents to help cook, wash dishes accidentally fell into the storage pool drowning. Recently, Hainan second intermediate people’s court made a final decision, reservoir management Lumou Wu parents compensation for economic loss of 167846.13 yuan. November 11, 2015, Wu came with her boyfriend Wang came to the city of Hainan in the eastern city of a town to visit the king’s parents, Wang was employed by the parents of all plantations planted corn. During his visit, Wu often help cook. The morning of November 25th, Wang and his parents to corn work, Wu get ready for lunch when suddenly water power, as soon as possible to do lunch, Wu decided to go to the water to wash the dishes, but accidentally fell into the pool. The same day, Wang and his parents finished the work ready to go back to dinner, found that lunch is not done, and everywhere can not find wu. 13 PM, Wang et al found nappy and slippers floating in the plantation in the reservoir, and to find the pool with water when people, Wu found and salvaged, has unfortunately drowned. Investigation by the local public security organs, Wu was accidentally drowned. The reservoir area of 250 square meters, depth of 2.4 meters, surrounded by smooth, steep, mainly for irrigation of corn and part of living water, protection and warning signs is not set, the actual operators and managers to lumou. Later, Wu parents to Lumou reservoir management improper grounds, Lumou to court, requesting an order cost Lumou compensation for death, funeral expenses, mental solatium. The court of first instance, Wu Department of adults, the main responsibility of the death of 90%, Lumou operation and management of reservoir is improper, fault, negative secondary responsibility 10%, the verdict compensation Lumou Wu family economic loss of 62615.37 yuan. After the verdict, the Wu family refused to accept the verdict, appealed that the allocation of the burden of error, requesting the court commuted the law. Hainan intermediate people’s court after hearing that the reservoir in the range of Lumou contracted land, although the remote location, but still belongs to the public, and the workers and their families lived in a nearby reservoir. In general, the reservoir only for corn irrigation, but in the water and other emergency situations, workers still need to use the tank of daily life in the water. The reservoir walls smooth, steep, no guardrail and stair climbing facilities, without warning signs or verbal prompt, easy to slip into and unable to rescue. Lumou as a reservoir of the owners and managers, risk should foresee reservoir, but failed to take effective protective measures for drowning accidents have some fault, should bear secondary responsibility 30%. Wu as a sane adult, in the plantation home life nearly half a month, understand its response to the reservoir, knowing that there may be close to the reservoir to wash dishes is still a dangerous situation, should bear the main responsibility for drowning accident 70%. The court of first instance of drowning.)相关的主题文章: