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Han Tongsheng "love forever" launched by Sohu Han Tongsheng Entertainment – Dad today launched "love forever" with actor Han Tongsheng Jin Zhiyang Sohu Entertainment Tonight, directed by Liu Xin, Han Tongsheng, Kaili Zhang, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin starred in the drama "love city emotional wanwansui" was formally launched in Zhejiang satellite TV, to meet with the audience. Han Tongsheng Kaili Zhang’s two starred together couples, this is not only about the marriage problems of children, the two old people "love test" has been put on the agenda, the National Father on the line again, but has become a stubborn "henpecked", very exciting. This "love" live from the relaxed perspective, with humorous language, realistic yet wonderful way to Han Tongsheng’s "old gold" a life to the audience weiweidaolai. Compared to the past many urban drama, the drama chose chapteraims at the two generations of the family’s emotional life, even in the old two emotional entanglements and the problems encountered, the wonderful degree is not inferior to the younger generation, which is also in the aging population Chinese of modern, will be a new attempt in reality in the works, Han Tongsheng as a "Dad had menopause", "lion grandpa" interpretation of penetrating the old play bone, this will be in the "love" in the ages of turned a "henpecked" Dad, but inherent different TV drama viewers of "henpecked" yes he played this impression. Old Kim did intend for their "struggle", the things began to get out of hand, which also interspersed second daughter and 90, his son flash marriage, no problem To solve the problem of children have followed, the old king of this wonderful life of the elderly can be seen. This "national dad" new sail for the new Zhejiang TV 19:33 in the evening with the national audience, Han Tongsheng Kaili Zhang’s two collaboration will wipe out what kind of spark, and strive to "fight" by the father will encounter what challenges, Han Tongsheng tonight with you Be There Or Be Square, one by one mystery.相关的主题文章: