Hangzhou road parking lot will be phased out to ease road congestion whereisip

Hangzhou, a number of road parking spaces will be phased out to ease road congestion recently, Hangzhou, Gongshu District news, plans to gradually cancel the primary and secondary roads berths, illegal parking regulation, but also on the road traffic. The Shengli River, Hangzhou intime City, Xinyifang parking, Mishi Lane District, gongchenqiao District, Qianjiang District, Yang house, on the left bank of the market garden, city car 9 regional road, Moganshan Road, Hushu Tong Road, Lishui road and other more than 30 primary and secondary roads will be gradually cancelled. It is understood that in recent years, in order to alleviate road congestion, Gongshu cancel berth optimization work has been ongoing, the road of public parking by the 67 road in 2008 6805 berths to 54 road 2357. Road widening is good, but where to stop the car? Many owners very tangled, especially used in the Shengli River car parked on the roadside to eat delicacy to eat chowhound who. In fact, in order to solve the parking problem, as early as 2011, Gongshu 5 years to complete the use of a total of 27 public parking garage project, a total of 6001 berths. This year, the public parking lot library project is being implemented in Gongshu a total of 23 5208 berths, including plans for the ancient people of New River Park underground public parking, tour of the Longgang G1 S3 public green space underground parking, northern Hangzhou Software Park (two, three and four) underground parking, mechanical parking garage, the tumor hospital of canal transportation distribution service center underground parking, parking lot garden S42 block mid 8 project 2033 berths have entered the final stage. Victory in the river food street, money newspaper reporter saw there is a public parking lot is trial operation, the staff is installing access control systems and gates. According to the parking lot Cao master, the parking lot has more than 160 parking spaces, all open to the community, according to the price standard charges. According to the preliminary planning of Gongshu District "13th Five-Year" public library parking lot, every year to 2020 will be completed and put into use 1200 berth scale, according to the cumulative increase of 6000 berths. In addition, each of the Gongshu will also focus on the streets of the branch road, public space and other regional mining potential, the implementation of the wrong parking area.相关的主题文章: