Helan mountain torrents after the 7 new paintings – Beijing pgd-426

Helan mountain torrents after the new network is the 7 new paintings – according to Xinhua News Agency Yinchuan recently, Ningxia Helan mountain along the mountain areas experienced heavy rains triggered flash floods caused damage to the city of Yinchuan Helan mountain scenic area, part of the rock damage, but also because of flooding, the newly discovered 7 petroglyphs scenic staff. Reporters from the city of Yinchuan Helan mountain flood management office was informed that the infrastructure of Helan mountain scenic spot about 70% scenic staff recently destroyed, cleaning up the scene and found two paintings were destroyed in the path along the cliff, a total of 7 sites, including 5 relatively clear, another two of the more obscure temporarily unable to identify. According to the Yinchuan rock paintings of the Helan Management Office Deputy Director Zhang Jianguo introduced in 5 distinct rock paintings in the 3 picture, is human face like a rock, 2 pieces of paintings is the symbol, more information has yet to be verified. Zhang Jianguo said, at present in our country found in the Helan mountain area, the ancient rock paintings, portraits of people and a large number of people, 3 pieces of newly discovered face let such rock paintings in Helan from 715 to 718 the total number of amplitude and amplitude. According to the introduction, from the current clearing situation, the scenic part of the rock paintings in the flood damage, but has not yet found a large area of damage, after flash floods washed away from single rock stone in situ are have been found, the relevant departments are compared with map inventory, the overall damage still further statistics.相关的主题文章: