Henan start charity assistance programs to help poor patients with hepatitis B the first aid ricky lee neely

Henan started the charity aid project to help poor   in patients with hepatitis B; first aid 2000 – Henan Channel – people.com.cn in our province poverty of hepatitis B patients to usher in the gospel: in November 22nd, the Henan Provincial Charity Federation held in Zhengzhou "for you to liver, accompanied by the" charity project will release good news: 51429 case in treatment of hepatitis B medicine donated by caring businesses, has arrived in Zhengzhou, will be for the city of our province, rural poor households living in patients with hepatitis B in patients with hepatitis B were donated, 2000 will be the first poor hepatitis B patients, get free drugs for a year. Provincial Charity Federation official said, in addition to the face of these patients suffering from hepatitis B, but also face the heavy economic burden of hepatitis B treatment. The love and enterprise jointly set up "Gan times lighter charity projects, mainly for poor families, with relevant to patients with hepatitis syndrome, provided free of charge for a certain period of Gansu times lighter (Entecavir Capsules) will be the first aid plan, 2000 of the patients receive treatment, drug free for one year. With immediate effect, the charity assistance projects into the implementation phase, the relevant application, distribution work will also start. Love Fan Xiulian relevant responsible person said, hope that through drug charitable donations, provide some help for hepatitis B patients with economic difficulties, while the popularity of hepatitis B knowledge of disease, disease treatment and medication status of hepatitis B virus knowledge. It is understood that the Provincial Charity began to undertake drug aid projects, the China Charity Federation since 2006, initially, only for leukemia drug Gleevec aid projects, now has the liver, kidney, lung and other 10 kinds of illness aid drugs for many poor patients with serious illness sent life-saving drugs ". Remind it is understood that the late charity donated medicine will be the infectious disease hospital in Henan province (Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou city) to carry out free medicine, all meet the conditions of the patients, can download the application form by Henan Charity Federation official website, the relevant process can log on X? Id=729 check, after approval, can go to the hospital for free to receive donated medicine. (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: