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Home-Securtiy The subject of home security is very important and should be given plenty of advance thought regardless of whether you live in an apartment or house that you own. You want to be sure that your possessions and personal safety are well protected at all times. All of the best home security measures in the world cannot help you after a crime has been .mitted. They can only be of use to help prevent the crime in the first place. So here are some simple ways to help increase your own personal safety: * Install a home security system that can monitor all of the entry and exit areas of your home and sound a loud alarm if someone breaks in. If you happen to live in an apartment where you are not allowed to run wires through the walls, you can get a wireless home security system instead that will still do the job and has the advantage of being able to be removed and taken with you when you find a new place to live. Because of being wireless, these kind of security systems can also be very easy to install by the average person and they are inexpensive as well. * Get a watchdog that will bark when someone they don’t know approaches the home. It doesn’t even have to be a big or ferocious dog at all, just one that makes noise when it feels threatened by a stranger. This one simple tip can be incredibly effective in protecting your personal safety as most criminals that have bad intentions do not want to have to deal with the loud noise and attention that a vocal dog can cause. They would rather choose an easier target instead. * If you have valuables that are very expensive, it may be wise not to keep them at home at all. You can rent a safety deposit box in a bank instead for such high dollar or high value items. For other valuables you may want to consider a home safe as this lessens the possibility that a burglar can get at your valuables quickly and leave undetected. Speed and stealth are very important to home burglars and anything that you can do to slow them down improves your chances of protecting your valuable items. * Lastly, always keep home security in mind. The best home security system won’t help you if you f.et to turn it on. Likewise, you are only inviting trouble if you f.et to lock your doors and windows at night. Hiding a key in close proximity to your front door is a way to allow intruders easy access to your home. So just try to think about home security as much as possible and make it part of your routine to actually use the home security equipment that you have, and practice safe home security measures as part of your daily life. If you plan in advance for increasing your personal safety and then carry out your plans on a daily basis you will greatly improve your chances of keeping both you and your possessions safe and protected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: