Hongkong industrial and commercial circles held a reception to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the N xhero

Hongkong chamber of Commerce and industry held a reception to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the National Day – China News Agency, Hongkong, September (Chen Yizhou) – Hongkong business sector held a reception on the evening of 26, to celebrate the establishment of the People’s Republic of China anniversary of the year of 67. Local offices of the central government, the chief executive of the Hongkong SAR and government officials, more than 500 people in Hongkong and attended the business community. Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying, the Central Government Liaison Office Deputy Director Yin Xiaojing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Commissioner Hu Jianzhong, deputy commander of the Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong, Liao Zhengrong government financial secretary Ceng Junhua and acting chief secretary Zhang Jianzong was invited to the reception of the guests. The business circles of Hongkong compatriots to celebrate the national day of the Bureau of the Preparatory Committee executive chairman, said the Hongkong chamber of Commerce President Yang Zhao delivered a speech at the reception, for 67 years, the country after hard work, today in the people’s livelihood and economic and technological development have achieved remarkable results. In the face of global downtown pressure on the economy, the whole country in 2015 the total import and export of goods are still in the world, GDP continues to rank second in the world, foreign exchange reserves ranked first in the world; the mainland e-commerce transactions more among the first in the world. At the same time, has been the national aerospace industry breakthrough, "Tiangong two" space laboratory in the Mid Autumn Festival successfully launched, the high-speed rail network has increasingly improved. In addition, the leaders of the group of 20 summit held in Hangzhou successfully, with "The Belt and Road", "Asian investment bank" strategy to promote, highlight the national comprehensive strength continuously improve. Yang Zhao said that the country’s broad prospects for development in Hongkong to provide a solid backing and a new impetus to the prosperity and development. As an important part of Hongkong society, the business sector has made considerable contribution and commitment to the promotion of Hongkong’s economic development and social stability. Yang Zhao pointed out that the Hongkong business community will play a unique advantage of "one country" and "two systems", and actively cooperate with the national development, and jointly promote Hongkong and Mainland China toward greater prosperity and stability. He expects Hongkong from all walks of life together, in the "basic law" under the framework of the SAR government to support the law, focus on economic development and improving people’s livelihood, to safeguard national sovereignty and interests of Hongkong, and the country’s progress, the great rejuvenation of the nation and contribute. (end)相关的主题文章: