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The collective name to real estate housing prices accelerated the transformation of insiders said or for the return of A shares to pave the way recently listed on the HKEx domestic housing prices Jitai publish renamed announcement, said the company name has been changed from "Jitai Holdings Limited" to "Jitai wisdom energy holdings limited". This means that the name of Jitai from the current real estate industry to expand around the wisdom of energy. Jitai and said that the company’s future will be the development of clean energy business, including providing smart energy solutions; development, operation and sale of high-quality photovoltaic power plants and provide management consulting services. At the same time, Jitai build an integrated operation — Jitai smart energy platform cloud smart energy solutions. Jitai said, with the platform to have access to industrial parks, commercial and residential communities and factories and a variety of formats, and analyzed by mining the customer data accumulated on the platform, will be able to provide users with more accurate prediction and better optimization scheme, so that consumers get intelligent and customized energy experience to build a green ecological circle. In the business, the main industry for the real estate industry Jitai will transition to clean energy industry, green city smart energy solutions provider. It is worth noting that this kind of dilution real estate housing prices renamed behavior is not an example. In Jitai, Fang Xing, agile, ocean, have already joined the ranks of Hengda renamed. In October 2015, its Hong Kong listed Franshion officially renamed the "Chinese Jinmao Group Holdings Limited, also announced by the" two wheel drive "to" two wings "strategy to upgrade, the original" sales + hold "on the basis of" service "and" financial "two big business platform brand positioning, also adjusted for the" green gold China chief city operators ", opened this round of housing prices listed on the trend of change. Subsequently, Beijing intime announced that in April 27th, in order to reflect the company’s current situation, taking into account the needs of the development of the company’s business, the company intends to use the name "Beijing intime Limited by Share Ltd" changed to "Beijing Investment and development of Limited by Share Ltd". May 17th, Hengda Real estate also announced that the company name will be Hengda Group Co., Ltd. changed to China Hengda group". In May 26th, offshore real estate (Vanward ocean mansion ocean side) said the company name will be changed to "from the" Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd "COSCO Group Holdings limited". In August, agile Chinese official name from "Agile Property Holdings Limited to agile Group Holdings Limited", the future will take the real estate as the core business, the formation of the pattern of the four major industries with the field of property management, education and environmental protection. Asked about the reason, Hengda Real Estate said that although the property development is still the core business of the company, but the group’s current business including real estate development, finance, Internet, health, culture and tourism, have become more diversified, changing the company name to better reflect the company’s diversified business development strategy and corporate identity. Ocean is also considered to be renamed for the embodiment of the group’s business structure considerations, in addition to residential real estate development, but also.相关的主题文章: