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How should the male sterility that western medicine do? Mother – Sohu today, October 28th is the "World Men’s Health Day", this special day is determined by the WHO, the Sohu "super maternal parenting" invited to the Beijing family hospital infertility male, chief physician, Shi Changchun, to share with everyone, western medicine for male infertility is how to interpret and the treatment? The guests: Shi Changchun, director of Beijing family hospital infertility male physicians. Engaged in male reproductive urinary work for decades, has been studying in Peking University Health Science Center, the successful publication of the comprehensive treatment of weak sperm, field effect treatment of prostate disease and other provincial papers more than ten. Specializes in the treatment of various causes of male infertility and male sexual dysfunction. Especially due to varicocele, endocrine disorders, infection, obstruction and etiology of azoospermia and oligospermia and asthnospermia treatment has unique insights. A survey of the family, Chinese male infertility is a natural physiological phenomenon in nature, it should be with extreme ease thing, but under various factors, so that a part of the appearance of sunshine, healthy men of courage and uprightness always don’t finish this work "natural biological". WHO (WHO) has statistics, 15% of the world’s couples have fertility difficulties, the annual increase of about 2000000 infertile couples. In China, there are at least 12.5% infertility couples at childbearing age. More than 50% of this is due to a decline in male fertility. Two, China’s male infertility characteristics: 1, the incidence in younger patients; 2, hidden, were less; 3, passive check, take the initiative to check less; 4, to find out the specific causes of the less unexplained; 5, to accept the system of examination, treatment, superstitious secret and this recipe, "treatment" or "health"; 6, west east, gradually increased from the east to the west, concentric semi elliptical distribution. And economic, health resources are inversely proportional to Beijing, Tianjin and the eastern coastal provinces lower, significantly higher in the northwest. 7, with the release of two-child policy, older male infertility increase, and the condition is complex, but most patients do not understand not to accept the. Three, the nature of infertility and infertility, the difference between 1 strict sense (1) for the diagnosis of male infertility is refers to, because the male cannot cause normal fertility; (2) infertility diagnosis for women, because women can not cause to normal fertility. 2, common sense (1) refers to the infertility got pregnant but failed at last had given birth to healthy children, including abortion, premature birth or stillbirth, accounted for 10% of couples of childbearing age (2) infertility refers to the husband and wife have a normal sex life, no contraception a year not pregnancy. According to the situation of pregnancy is divided into: the original sex: refers to the normal sexual life after marriage 2 years have never been pregnant; secondary infertility: had had a birth or abortion for more than 2 consecutive years of infertility; habitual abortion (R)!相关的主题文章: