Huayuan oil OPEC does not agree to reduce production, international oil prices fall rapidly-tda7294

Huayuan oil: OPEC does not agree to cut the international oil prices come down quickly [fundamental analysis] yesterday, OPEC Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, said that does not support the OPEC held an emergency meeting, want to wait until OPEC the next meeting is June meeting, make a decision. OPEC representatives of the Gulf States say they want to look at the impact of Iran’s crude oil return on oil prices after the Iran sanctions lifted. OPEC representatives in the Gulf countries do not support an emergency meeting, which means that OPEC countries are taking concerted action to boost the expected decline in oil prices and further increase the price of oil. At the semi annual meeting held in OPEC last December, OPEC did not give a specific production target, the current OPEC crude oil output per day was 31 million 500 thousand barrels, exceeding the previous production target of 30 million barrels per day. OPEC added that Indonesia, which rejoined OPEC, was not included in the production target. [technical analysis] xinhualong oil line level KDJ MACD, MACD red column amplification. The 4 hour chart, MACD green column amplification, KDJ Sicha down. From the hour of Toury MACD Hongzhu, narrow, KDJ Sicha down. [recommendations] the international crude oil prices dropped sharply due to the impact of OPEC’s output reduction. Technically, oil prices are supported by the 10 and 20 moving averages. But the top pressure band is still very strong. So, today’s strategy to buy low sell high. Recommendation: more than 2070, loss of profit: 2130, stop loss: 2020. Note: the above recommendations for reference only, please do your own risk control. Huayuan oil 2016-2-2 into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

华源石油:OPEC不同意减产 国际油价快速回落   【基本面分析】   昨日,海湾国家OPEC包括沙特、科威特、卡塔尔、阿联酋,代表称不支持OPEC召开紧急会议,希望等到OPEC下次会议,也就是6月会议,再做决定。海湾国家OPEC代表们称,想要先观察伊朗制裁解除后,伊朗原油回归市场后对油价的影响。海湾国家OPEC代表们不支持召开紧急会议,意味着OPEC国家们采取共同行动提振油价的预期下降,油价跌幅进一步扩大。   去年12月OPEC召开的半年度会议上,OPEC未给出具体的产量目标,当前OPEC原油日产量为3150万桶,超过此前设定的产量目标3000万桶 日。OPEC还称,重新加入OPEC的印尼并未包含在产量目标之内。   【技术面分析】   新华龙油日线级别的KDJ金叉向上,MACD红柱放大。4小时图,MACD绿柱放大,KDJ死叉向下。从小时图里看,MACD红柱缩小,KDJ死叉向下。   【操作建议】   受OPEC不同意减产的影响,国际原油价格大幅回落。技术上看,油价受10、20均线的支撑。但上方压力带还是很强。所以,今天的策略以高抛低吸为主。建议:2070多,止盈:2130,止损:2020。   注:以上建议仅供参考,请自行做好风险控制。   华源石油   2016-2-2 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: