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"I am not Pan Jinlian" Fan Ye   Feng Xiaogang to the Toronto incarnation of Sisyphus; – people.com.cn entertainment channel people.com.cn — "I am not Pan Jinlian" for special screenings at the Toronto Feng Xiaogang domineering earlier in the "laugh at a" fixed gear conference, Feng Xiaogang confirmed that "I am not Pan Jinlian" for the Toronto International Film Festival screenings unit. This year only two domestic films shortlisted for the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival special screenings, "I am not Pan Jinlian" as one of the movies first appearance. The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the important North American Film Festival, held annually in September in Toronto, Canada, are considered as "American Oscar award preview". It is reported that Feng Xiaogang has brought Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao traveled to Toronto, roc. "I am not Pan Jinlian" director Feng Xiaogang is separated for three years and then directed the cylinder’s latest masterpiece, the film nominated for the Toronto International Film Festival news release, will lead to a highly anticipated audience. Netizens have said: Feng Xiaogang’s film every I see, this will certainly not miss." "Fan Bingbing can subvert the image, pay attention to the intrinsic worth go to the cinema or movie, a look." "This year’s most anticipated film. The subject matter is very good, the director also has the innovation in the form." The movie "I’m not Pan Jinlian," according to Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name, directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring in, will be landing in the national complex in September 30th. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: