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Music One of the most iconic and memorable songs over the past several decades has got to be I Love Rock and Roll. It just appeals to people in every generation. This is why the I Love Rock and Roll ringtone is one of the most sought after ringtones online. This ringtone really is the best way to express yourself through your phone. You do not have to settle for the boring and lame ringtones that .e with your phone anymore. All you have to do is go online and start downloading your favorite song. The song I Love Rock and Roll initially was recorded by a British group in 1975 but it never took off for them. Then along came Joan Jett. At the time, she was touring Britain with her group The Runaways. She heard the song and asked if she could record it as well. The group let her do this because they were not having any success with it. Her band mates did not like the song either, so she took it upon herself to record it in her version and the rest is history. If it werent for her great ear for this song, you would never have had the opportunity to download an I Love Rock and Roll ringtone. This is one of the most well known songs because it seems as if everyone knows the words. The lyrics are extremely catchy and easy to remember. If you also add to the fact that Joan Jett has that kind of tough girl sexiness, it makes the song appealing to men and women alike. Women like to visualize it is them singing and having fun. This song is universal in many ways, it plays in bars, pool halls, and even dance clubs across the United States and Europe. Even if this is not your type of music, you still know the words and just have to sing it every time you hear it. It is interesting to note that when Joan Jett came out with her version cell phones were unheard of, now after almost three decades it is still being played and downloaded regularly. When you have an I Love Rock and Roll ringtone, people around you will know that you appreciate great music. You are not one to fall for the latest fad of popular music. You know what you like and you like to show it off in your ringtone. Having the opportunity to download the I Love Rock and Roll ringtone is the best way to personalize your phone. Some people get different colored covers for their phone as their way to personalize it but that is something that everyone can do. The thing that is so great about downloading this song as your ringtone is because it really expresses who you are. Music has so much effect on peoples lives, so it only makes sense to .bine that with your cell phone. If you would like to find out how to download your favorite song, please visit our website below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: