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I will not give betrothal gifts not pregnant, you think I do? Sohu must buy loans because of maternal and child marriage certificate, so my husband and I May permits, the house to write the names of two people, his parents pay Shoufu (house price 1 million 500 thousand, his parents paid 500 thousand, my parents mean to help we are 500 thousand, the rest of us yourself). Pull the card before the car home husband has helped him buy a car, his mother said to us 100 thousand (including the bride wedding, wedding, gold). Last month has continued to give us 30 thousand to buy things, and then not to mention has been to our home to send date thing, my family has been angry with me for this, yesterday my husband said he didn’t phone with his mother, his mother said over a week, then the first does not give me rest 60 thousand and 6, again later (husband to his grandfather had died, his parents spent a lot of money, I will not auspicious figure of 70 thousand, to 60 thousand and 6, his father last month to help us pay insurance) I don’t think what I’m afraid of what’s my mother asked me, how can I say? Originally sent is to send money, and now how to do, I think they do not pay too much attention to my home. I am a sister is pregnant before marriage, the results of the 60 thousand and 6, and finally gave only a more than 10 thousand. Originally planned this month will not contraception, let nature take its course, now or forget, after marriage insurance, do you think I do? This article from the "crazy man APP users – white to blue" to share, the copyright belongs to the original author.相关的主题文章: