Ignore the seafood market ban forced soliciting Sanya 11 soliciting girl arrested winpm

Ignore the seafood market ban forced soliciting Sanya 11 "soliciting girl detained forcibly take guests to the seafood consumption in Sanya 11" soliciting sister "arrested the Southern Metropolis Daily News October 22nd (reporter Li Sheng Fu) although individual seafood soliciting sister" due to forced Lanke detained, but during the National Day golden week, there are still individual seafood soliciting sister to take like a passing wind ban. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter from the Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau, October 1st to 7, Sanya tourism police detachment has in the first farmers market, Sanya Friendship Road 11 successfully arrested Chen Yun forced Lanke personnel and impose administrative detention for 7 days punishment. Sanya seafood processing shop mainly concentrated in the first farmers market, friendship road and other roads, many "seafood soliciting female" which attract patrons, the complaints have occurred or cheating. Previously, the Sanya Municipal Tourism police detachment, Tourism Commission and other relevant departments according to the report, through unannounced visits to grasp the individual seafood processing shop suspected of illegal business behavior clues, and make the corresponding punishment. But in front of the interests, there are still individual businesses hire soliciting sister forced lanke. This year National Day during the illegal acts of the Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment of the forced Lanke tourism to carry out investigation and evidence collection. Have reliable information, arrange for police Dundian ambush, in October 3rd 17 PM, in the first market successfully captured off a static 4 forced Lanke illegal workers. In October 7th 14 PM, at the roadside laid-off seafood Plaza Friendship Road 7 successfully arrested Chen Yun forced Lanke illegal workers. The investigation, Chen Yun Guan Jing, 11 illegal workers, soliciting in Sanya market, the first long-term friendship road lane, by forcibly take visitors to the market to buy seafood, and then taken to the processing point of profits from, seriously disrupting the order of the tourism market. Upon inquiry, Guan Jing, Chen Yun, and other 11 illegal personnel truthfully stated a strong consumer spending violations. Currently, the police were on the 11 tourists to disrupt public order in accordance with the law of administrative detention for 7 days.相关的主题文章: