In 3.9 two months income 5.9 taels of public money cheated 60 thousand-candy candy

In 3.9 two months income 5.9 taels of public money cheated 60 thousand Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Hua Jingxuan Mei Jianming) Internet banking a single 3900 yuan, invested 3.9 million month income 59 thousand, such a good thing you believe? Not long ago, who lives in Nanjing Dachang Changlu Wang and friends met such a scam, the day before yesterday realized that fooled Ms. Wang and friends went to the police, the police have launched an investigation. Staying in Ms. Wang Dachang Changlu, through WeChat plus a claim to be a fellow friend xu. Two micro channel chat after a period of time, Ms. Wang Xu of good impression. Xu said that in addition to do their Strike while the iron is hot., beauty health accidents, also bought financial products, income is very good. Xu introduced a company to buy their own online financial products to make the first single 3900 yuan can become a member, and then hit a single, single 3900 yuan, for the fiscal period of 9 weeks. 1 to 2 week per return 500 yuan, 3 to 4 weeks each week to return 700 yuan, 5 to 9 weeks, every week to return 1000 yuan, deduct the total return money number five percent as management fee, the rest are profit. Back then, you can return the cost together. Calculate to invest 39 thousand yuan, two months can profit 59 thousand yuan. Ms. Wang’s heart, also introduced her friend Xu lady joined together. Two people through Alipay, Xu to provide bank account transfer respectively 39000 yuan and 23400 yuan, the purchase of 10 single and 6 single. Subsequently, the two people are happy to wait for a week after the rebate, respectively, should receive 5000 yuan and 3000 yuan. However, after a week, two people did not receive the return of Xu Xu as expected. They immediately contacted Xu, the other asked two people to sign a share certificate with the company, after signing, you can rebate. Ms. Wang and her friends are getting more and more confused and skeptical about such outrageous high returns. Two people decided to turn out more than 6 yuan, but Xu refused to return, the two people so called the police. According to the police, there have been many instances of such order rebate fraud, through WeChat, QQ chat with friends, and then in the circle of friends issued high rebate, dividends and other information as bait, to obtain income by psychological victims of small investment, the implementation of online fraud, once the target group awareness is weak, then be deceived.

投入3.9万两个月收益5.9万 两市民理财被骗6万   扬子晚报讯(通讯员 华景轩 记者 梅建明)网上理财一单3900元,投入3.9万两个月就收益5.9万,这样的好事你信吗?前不久,家住南京大厂长芦的王女士和朋友就遇上了这样的骗局,前天意识到上当的王女士和朋友报了警,警方已展开调查。   暂住在大厂长芦的王女士,通过微信加了一个自称是老乡的徐某为好友。两人微信聊了一段时间后,王女士对徐某的印象不错。徐某趁热打铁,说自己除了做美容养生生意外,还买了点理财产品,收益挺不错。徐某介绍,自己购买的某家公司的网上理财产品先打第一单3900元就可以加入会员,然后再打单,每单3900元,理财期限为9周。1至2周每周每单返还500元,3至4周每单每周返还700元,5至9周,每单每周返还1000元,扣除总返还钱数的百分之五作为管理费,其余都是利润。再往后,可以连本钱一起返还。   算下来投入3.9万元,两个月就能收益5.9万元。王女士心动了,还介绍自己的朋友许女士一起加入。两人通过支付宝,向徐某提供的银行账号分别转账了39000元和23400元,购买了10单和6单。随后,两人就高兴地坐等一周之后的返利,分别应该收到5000元和3000元。然而,一周过后,两人并没有如期收到徐某返还的收益。   她们立刻联系徐某,对方要求两人跟公司签一个股权证,签好后就可以返利。王女士和朋友越想越不对劲,并对这样的离谱高收益产生了怀疑。两人决定要回转出的6万余元,但徐某却拒绝退还,两人于是报警。   据警方介绍,目前已出现多起此类以订单返利的诈骗方式,通过微信、QQ等聊天工具加好友,然后在朋友圈发布高额的返利、分红等信息作为诱饵,利用受害人小投入获得大收入的心理,实施网络诈骗,一旦目标群体防范意识薄弱,便会上当受骗。相关的主题文章: