In the jade store would you really white jade is white invictus gaming

In the jade store would you really white jade is white Author: Yu Zegang and some jade old businesses to talk about a topic, often encounter such a situation: a confident guest walked into a jade shop, look directly asked: "do you have any good white jade?" This sentence, experienced businessmen know the guests of the Hetian jade do not know much, or have gone astray. Why? First of all, the name of white jade is a jade, is a visual and Tian Ziyu in oily, fineness, whiteness reached a very high level of experience, is a description of the jade. The general is not white jade can pretend "white jade". Second, the level reached suet and Tian Ziyu is very scarce, in the strength of the jade shop, can have one or two pieces of jade suet grade seed has been very rare. Again, the white jade does not have a unified definition of standards, even if everyone on the jade connoisseur, white jade also have different cognition. Just as people feel about beauty, there is no such thing as a quantifiable beauty. For the pursuit of white jade customers who really do business and businesses are often field seed material can not meet the needs of customers, because it is too rare, too expensive, and usually white degree is not up to the requirements of customers. But there are also some businesses will tell customers such as: "I counter are" white jade "and" white jade "certificate". Satisfied customers ultimately want to buy white jade to buy "white jade", the "white jade" buy what kind of jade, jade is produced where, it can make nothing of it. Anyway, "white jade" certificate, also the righteous. White jade, white jade is often. I told the jade friends, before buying jade, first to understand some of the correct knowledge of jade, lest a mouth to show you the ‘white’ identity, bad business for you "white jade" is right in front of the trap.相关的主题文章: