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Email-Marketing Building a list for your online business is a tremendous way to increase sales provided you manage the list properly. The idea behind list building is that you collect names of people who have shown previous interest in products you’re marketing. The subscriber to your list agrees to receiving emails from you in the future. As your list grows you may want to sell others people’s products or create and market your own. Whatever marketing strategy you choose to implement you will achieve a higher sales conversion from your list if you manage it correctly. Here are 5 basic rules you’ll need to follow to make the most out of your list: MAINTAIN CONTACT When a subscriber joins your list you’ll want to send them a follow up email thanking them for opting in to your list. At this point you should introduce yourself and speak a little bit about the niche you’re in, the product you promote, and why or how it will benefit the new subscriber. Keep in mind that this follow up email should be in a ‘getting to know you’ type tone. Avoid the temptation of using any type of heavy handed sales tactics here. Let your new subscriber know you’ll be contacting them periodically. Casually mention the product you’re currently promoting and how it may be of benefit to them. Be sure you include a link to your sales site in your email. ESTABLISH A MAILING FREQUENCY Introductions have now been made and it is time for you to settle into a certain frequency of contact with your list members. Avoid daily emails since this will tend to irritate subscribers causing them to opt out of your list. Your email marketing campaign should include a mixture of selling and relationship building. List building insures a certain degree of success and stability concerning the future sales of any online business. A key .ponent of list building is building a relationship with list members. This will in turn increase their loyalty to you and make your marketing efforts more effective with the list members. PROVIDE USEFUL CONTENT As mentioned earlier your email marketing campaign should be a mixture of promotional content along with information that your readers will find useful. Make no mistake this is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy. Attention should be paid to providing useful, insightful, or humorous content to your email list. This is HOW you’ll build your relationship with them. EFFECTIVELY USE TARGET MARKETING Your email list responded to a promotion or ad that indicated an interest, problem, or need that they may have. With this information you can now offer them products or services that are more suitable to their expressed wants and/or needs. Properly using this target marketing approach should result in a much higher sales conversion rate. SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE Occasionally you may want to send out a ‘free giveaway’ to your list members as a show of gratitude for their subscriptions and loyalty to your list. A display of your gratitude and the receipt of a free giveaway will serve to strengthen your relationship with subscribers and increase their loyalty towards you. List building is a strategically sound way to build a business online and increase sales. The 5 rules we discussed above emphasize the importance of ‘interaction’ with your list and the manner in which you do it. In order to effectively manage your list you’ll want to establish a relationship with them. The use of an email marketing campaign that focuses EQUALLY on both sales and relationship building will help you establish and grow your list well into the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: