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Mobile-Cell-Phone It’s not out yet but it will be soon, as early as June 7th some people are saying. The Apple iPhone 4G could be the most anticipated product in Apples history. When the iPhone was first released a few years back it created major waves in the cell phone industry and .panies were panicking to keep pace. The new iPhone 4G looks to do the same thing. It will be very hard to get when it’s first released as most Apple products are, case in point the iPad. But that’s okay, you’re going to get a chance to enter and win an iPhone 4G when they’re released to the public. Not much is known right now about it but here are some rumors that seem to make the most sense. First off is that there could be an increase in storage space. The iPhones up until this point have maxed out at 32GB. But the iPhone 4G could .e with a maximum storage capacity of 64GB, which would most certainly ruin the iPod market but something tells me Apple’s okay with that. When you cruise the . on an iPhone Google has always been the default browser. However Google and Apple have had a rocky relationship as of late and it’s expected that Apple will switch to Bing as the new default search engine. That could be a decent blow to Google, considering the troubles they seem to be having right now. Here’s one that would make a lot of people very happy, the new iPhone 4G could have a removable battery. This is great news and if you’ve ever owned an iPod or iPhone I’m almost certain you’d agree with me. Before if you’ve ever had a problem with the battery you have to send away the whole iPhone or iPod. But with a removable battery this would eliminate that potential annoyance. I for one think it is one of the best decisions they could make. One more little nugget is that there’s potential that there could be a front facing camera. This may not seem like a big deal to some. But for people who make conference calls it could be a great feature. There’s also a rumor that the camera will be upgraded as well. The camera on the iPhone now is C grade at best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: