Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement I deserved winlinez

Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement deserved users: Sina entertainment news Hollywood local time on November 12th, Jackie Chan [micro-blog] dressed in costume to attend the eighth session of Oscar prize for lifetime achievement awards and awards, becoming the first Chinese to receive this award actor. The lifetime achievement award is voted by the Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences. This year, together with Jackie Chan winning as senior film editor, senior Anna coats’s Casting Director Lin Master and veteran documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman starr. On the stage, Jackie Chan is very happy, thanks to the city of Hongkong, but also thanks to his motherland, China, said publicly that he is proud of being chinese." And said, "dreams come true! I’ve been working in the film industry for 56 years, made more than 200 films, broke a lot of bones, and finally this award is mine…… Thanks to the Hollywood, you have taught me a lot of things in those years, but also made me a little famous. Friends and fans around the world, it is you give me the reason to continue making films, because of you, I will continue to jump out of the window, cuff and kick, injured in the sinews or bones." Netizens have said, "brother Jackie Chan deserved!" "I grew up watching Jackie Chan’s movies!" Congratulations on Jackie Chan’s international honor. (Intern Bai Mowen) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: