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Jiangsu this week to enter the "cold rainy season" the north-south temperature near 10 Deg. C continuous rain, as if to return to the rainy season. This week, the only hope is a sunny day today and tomorrow, the sun may even now. Tomorrow night, the Jiangsu province has returned to the rain has been under the weather. Here there is rain. Cold air Everfount. This week, the active cold air in the north, the temperature will decline in Jiangsu, the week after the temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius below, and then later, the temperature will fall below the single digits, we must pay attention to warm oh! To frost, the temperature difference between the north and south near 10 degrees yesterday, Nanjing only sporadic thick cloud floating a few drops of rain, finally the rain stopped. Glad to go out for a walk, but the chilly and gloomy sky, still very cold outside the city of Nanjing, the day temperature is 17 DEG C, don’t wear thick clothes, really cannot hold. Huaibei area more cold, around 3 in the afternoon, Xuzhou real time temperature is only degrees, with the most southern Suzhou, the temperature of more than 20 degrees, the temperature difference between the north and South nearly 10 degrees C. "Frost" comes, although no cream, we also put the frozen. Modern Express reporter learned that the general minimum temperature of less than 5 degrees, under certain weather conditions, you can appear frost. Nanjing’s first frost date, since the liberation as early as October 19, 1960, the average first frost date in late October to early November. However, the recent minimum temperature in Nanjing has been maintained at around 16 degrees Celsius, there is a little far from the cream oh! The rain has been down to the end of the month under the rain, the sun to the point of the sun? It really depends on god. Jiangsu weather forecast, today, there is still rain in Huaibei, other regions are cloudy to overcast weather. During the day the province cloudy to overcast. A lot of clouds in the sky, but also are gradually thickening Yin trend, the sun can not break out from the layers of clouds, it depends on luck. However, it has been much better. So these two days to wash the sun, miss these two days, really do not have to wear clothes. Tomorrow night, another round of rain. Among them, between tomorrow night and in Jianghuai areas have moderate rain, local heavy rain. The day after the Huaihe area south of moderate rain, local as well as heavy rain. At present, is one disaster after another, the rain has continued for a period of time, until the end of the month is not intermittent rain. Active cold air, low temperature of 9 DEG C weekend Ming local rainfall, because of the impact of the typhoon "hippocampus", and this week the upcoming wave of rainfall, is affected by the active cold air. The cold and warm air continued to battle, before the end of this month will be rainy. Another obvious effect of cold air is the temperature drop. Look at the temperature above 20 degrees, the weather will be gone for ever, the recent high temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, with the rain has been under the high temperature will drop to 20 degrees below. The temperature is even colder, and the minimum temperature in the northwest region is only 9 to 10 degrees centigrade tomorrow. Low temperature, clammy increase, this week is very easy to cold, to remind you to keep warm. (Xu Cen) Nanjing three, today the weather overcast to cloudy night, local rain, east 3 to 4, 15 to 21 degrees centigrade tomorrow night cloudy, overcast with showers, 15 to 19 DEG C after overcast with rain, 17 ~ 20 degrees (as in the extended video相关的主题文章: