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Ji’nan in October second-hand housing turnover low price of individual housing prices loose, the recent second-hand housing market, look to buy less." Yesterday, the provincial capital of the Ring Road on a real estate broker Mr. Huang said helplessly. It is reported that Ji’nan second-hand housing prices have been rising for 15 months, but in October Ji’nan second-hand housing turnover total net signed 4902 units, a decrease of 2812 units this year, a second-hand housing turnover low. The reporter visited the provincial capital of a real estate intermediary, found that since the purchase order issued, second-hand housing turnover decline of nearly 40%. [present] second-hand housing turnover decline "according to our internal incomplete statistics, in October, our sales of second-hand housing turnover dropped four or five, broker Mr. Huang some frustration," restrictions introduced, not only greatly influences the house turnover, but also the impact of the secondary housing market." The broker intermediary of a real estate located in the east culture, Liu also have the same experience, some time ago to come to consult the fewer buyers, but sellers price is rising, the average price of second-hand housing turnover declined by 40%." The reporters found that in October, Ji’nan second-hand housing net signed 4902 units, a reduction of 2812 units in September, hit new lows for the year. Although second-hand housing turnover fell sharply, but second-hand housing prices continue to rise. In October, Ji’nan second-hand housing (housing) listed the average price of 14102 yuan square meters, up 1212 yuan. At the end of October, Ji’nan second-hand housing prices have been rising for 15 months. Compared to the volume of housing prices there is a certain lag, especially the secondary housing market." Live off real estate analyst Lee said, the decline in the volume of temporary fashion is not transmitted to second-hand housing prices." Individual housing prices loose recently, real estate agency Mr. Cheng is very confused. A month’s time, his second-hand housing turnover continued to decline, in one of the few houses, the owner asked the price of sales. The seller said that by the end of the year, cash flow is not over, and now want to sell out. The housing is located in high-tech zones, and now the market price of nearly 14000 square meters. The total price of the original 1 million 210 thousand, now sold on the 880 thousand." Mr Cheng also said that the decline in the overall price will directly lead to the decline in commission. Now every day about more than and 200 calls, the volume is still very small. In order to master more listings, half a month ago, we lowered the commission. Compared to 2 months ago, the intermediary also significantly reduced revenue." "This group purchase real estate, the average price is only 9000 yuan square meters, then the sales offices of the price is 12800 yuan, it is reported that the square" half a year ago, Ms. Qin people bought this house is located in the high tech Zone, is now linked to a real estate intermediary in the Olympic Sports Center, "at that time the price is cheap, at right is a one-time payment to buy. And now can not see the property market, fear of falling house prices. Therefore, intends to 10000 yuan per square meter price change hands." Currently, the average price of 15000 yuan per square meter. Responsible for the purchase of real estate intermediary, Ms. Sun said that many of this situation相关的主题文章: