Ji’nan ushered in seventh areas the revocation of the establishment of the county Zhangqiu District roxane hayward

Ji’nan ushered in the seventh district: the revocation of the establishment of the original title of Zhangqiu District, Zhangqiu, Shandong ushered in the area of the seventh: revocation of the county level city of Zhangqiu, the establishment of Zhangqiu District, Zhangqiu District finally came! The afternoon of September 26th, "the State Council approval for" Shandong Province, the adjustment of administrative area of Ji’nan city part of the outgoing: agreed to withdraw the county of Zhangqiu City, the establishment of the Ji’nan District of Zhangqiu City, the original county-level administrative region of Zhangqiu city is the administrative region of Zhangqiu District, Zhangqiu District People’s Government in the double hill street Palace Street No. 287. This means that Zhangqiu ushered in a historic moment – the city of the District, so far, Ji’nan has seventh areas – Zhangqiu. Zhangqiu county area set up in Ji’nan District of Zhangqiu city in recent years, Zhangqiu and Ji’nan closer traffic docking: over the past ten years, Zhangqiu has been thinking about the withdrawal of city districts, near Ji’nan, so the traffic has been also seamless docking with Ji’nan. Highway 309 is an important channel of Ji’nan city and Zhangqiu, built in 2004, the toll station located just between Ji’nan and Zhangqiu, has seriously affected the integration development of Zhangqiu and Ji’nan in May 2, 2013, Ji’nan 309 National Highway Toll Station Dongqian 20 kilometers between Zhangqiu and Ji’nan, the removal of obstacles, from Ji’nan to Zhangqiu all the way. But to seamless Ji’nan, only Century Avenue, State Road 309 is not enough, in 2013 the Zhangqiu municipal government to promote the construction of Zhangqiu City, South outer ring, this path planning through the source embroidered river landscape belt and Ji’nan city botanical garden landscape, and finally Ji’nan city tourist road to achieve docking. Ji’nan planning and construction of the idea of a rail traffic out, the person in charge of the city of Zhangqiu will actively apply for the introduction of rail transit in Zhangqiu, closer to the distance between Zhangqiu and Ji’nan. According to the plan, R2 line is expected to extend east to Zhangqiu. City docking: after years of development, the eastern town of Ji’nan is on the rise, the Olympic center area is to become the city of Ji’nan’s political and economic, cultural and financial center, and determine the central business district of Ji’nan city to promote the Olympic area development is becoming the core area of Ji’nan city. The eastern town contains ten area planning, to the east by Tangye metro, export processing area, Sun Village area, close to the border of Zhangqiu. In recent years, the rapid development of the eastern part of the metro area, the population and the total economy has increased significantly, the eastern new city is becoming a new center of Ji’nan. According to Zhangqiu city planning dream evacuated the city district, is a road to the west development, not only will the new government office buildings moved closer distance with Ji’nan, also launched as embroidered river source Ji’nan Eastern New Area development into the "bridgehead", to build the eastern Ji’nan tourism center. Docking Tourism: Ji’nan botanical garden, Ji’nan City, Zhangqiu wild animal world to bring a lot of traffic, now, Zhu Jiayu, herb garden Baimaiquan, Baiyun Lake scenic spots such as more and more access to the Ji’nan public recognition. What are the benefits of setting up the city? 1, the biggest advantage is that the city of Zhangqiu after the end of the district and the integration of Ji’nan. Regional integration is the trend of urban development in the future, whether the population, area or economic volume, industrial scale, ranked the forefront of the county, Zhangqiu)相关的主题文章: