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Posted By: Vivekananda Introduction Positioned in the Karnataka-Kerala border on the south western side is the beautiful place, Coorg. The maximum length measures around 96 km with a breadth size of 64 km. Now known as district of Kodagu, Coorg is famous for its aromatic estates of coffee apart from cardamom, pepper and oranges grown extensively here. A small hill station called Madikeri is also located here, which has amazing places to enjoy. There are many mountain peaks, which overlook Coorg such as Kote Betta, Nishani Motte, Pusphagiri, Soma Male, Brahmagiri and Thadiyandamol. As the rainfall here is heavy, avoiding this place during monsoon is best and other seasons are quite pleasant to go around. Tourist Attractions There are several places around Coorg that is visited by many tourists worldwide. Nature lovers get attracted to the beautiful natural wonders situated here. The gentle cool breeze makes you forget all your stress and enlighten new energy in body. You feel refreshed after visiting the place. The chirping birds, lush green trees and high mountains welcome you.

Rent A Car How To Prevent Bees In Your Yard Posted By: Fred Willey You probably already know that while bees are a nuisance and give a painful sting, they are actually beneficial insects. Bees are responsible for pollinating many of the plants that become our food. They are an important part of the ecological system. Believe it or not, but about a third of our daily diet can be attributed to pollinators. And we cannot forget that honey bees give us a particularly pleasant dietary addition! However beneficial bees may be, even the sweet honeybee is an unwelcome resident in your yard and home. Keeping bees in their proper place keeps both human and insect safe from one other. Attraction The trouble with bees is that they like a lot of the same things as people do when it comes to lodging and accommodations. Good food, plenty to drink and a nice, safe place to rest will make us both happy and willing to stick around for a while. Oftentimes, people give bees exactly what they like best without realizing it. Then they have to find a way to get rid of the bees, possibly incurring stings and bills for bee pest control services in the process.

Phoenix bee exterminator Best Lessons On How To Handle Safe Natural Bee Control Successfully Posted By: graeme Bee hives can form in trees and bushes or under eaves of structures; they may appear in variations on the classic form we all know from cartoons. But bees and wasps can also live underground and in walls. In these locations (especially within walls), bee control, removal and killing all become more of a challenge. A wall opening shouldn’t simply be blocked off, because the bees will only be driven to find an exit inside the building itself, leading to a potentially dangerous situation for anyone in the building. Beehives in a wall or underground definitely require the assistance of a skilled pest control professional. Bee hive removal from a wall involves that much more skilled labor. Sometimes removal won’t be an option; a professional will be able to assess the situation to make that judgment. Even killing becomes more difficult within a wall. If honeybees or wasps are killed within a wall, all of the remains must be removed. Otherwise, residual honey or insect carcasses will attract other pests into the building.

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Phoenix bee exterminator Make Sure The Green Fingered Win Over The Light Fingered Posted By: Mary Gate It won’t be of any surprise to hear that allotment damage and theft is on the increase. There’s been an upward trend in communities wanting to get involved in allotments off the back of popular TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall promoting the grow your own culture. And with supermarket bills creeping up and consumers looking for ways to cut food costs, it’s no wonder that waiting lists for allotments are growing. But what many allotment users and site owners perhaps don’t realise is that the challenging economic climate is leading to more crime. Over the past couple of years, there’s been a rise in theft related losses for items such as tools and machinery. Damage caused by break-ins to locked sheds and storage buildings are also becoming more common. So what can be done insurance wise to protect against the problem? How can you avoid the hassle of having to deal with the after effects of light-fingered individuals? Here are some ideas to help you make sure you’re properly covered so you don’t become one of the next allotment crime statistics. Cover isn’t automatic!

valuables allotment Beekeeping As A Means Of Bee Control Posted By: Jessica Howard Due to the fear of being stung by a bee, beekeeping does not usually cross the minds of most people. But actually, if you want to get rid of bees, this could be an effective means of controlling them. This is a type of pest control approach does not always have to focus on removing or eliminating bees. Sometimes it should also include saving bees and protecting their existence for the benefit of both bee species and human beings. But how do you start keeping bees? For starting beekeepers, it is essential to know the different bee necessities. If you know what they need and you can provide it, it will be easier for you to lure them in and control them. Here are some of the most important things you ought to know as a beekeeper. First, you have to realize that bee hives serve as a home for bees. It shields them and protects them from harm or threats. Without bee hives, there will be no room for bees to establish their families. This also serves as their warehouse for keeping collected honey and other different materials.

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Landscaping When Starting Beekeeping Buying Bees Is Not The First Thing You Do Posted By: Ben Field Everyone has their own reason for doing things, this is also true for wanting to start beekeeping. It could be that they wish to increase the harvest in their orchard and want to improve the pollination by bringing in bees. They could have a dream of making and selling honey as a business. They could just be interested in the way bees live or many other reasons. But all need to prepare properly before buying bees or the beekeeping could be over before it really starts. Do you have an allergy to bee stings? If you are severely allergic the risk of beekeeping is too great – medical tests are readily available take one – it could save your life. Check out the local regulations and byelaws. Although they are no longer common and getting rarer local regulations still exist that restrict beekeeping and you must be aware of them if they apply in your area. Make your friends and neighbors aware of your plans and on your side not nervous of being infested with bees and other misconceptions.

buying bees Becoming A Professional Bee Keeper Posted By: Jamie Highland Some people mistakenly believe that beekeeping is a simple task. In fact, it takes commitment, dedication and some skill. Beekeeping can become a professional activity, providing an individual with steady income. What does it take to become a professional beekeeper? The answer to this question involves several requirements and basic steps. A beekeeper can make money through the production of honey, wax, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. All these products can be created through specific procedures that a beekeeper needs to master. Basic Beekeeping Prerequisites To become a professional beekeeper, a person needs to get several questions answered. It is of uttermost importance to find out whether you are allergic towards bees. All people experience pain and swelling if a bee stings them. Allergic people, however, experience a more severe and threatening reaction. Blood tests can be used to determine if a person is allergic to bees. You can also know how your body reacts if you have been stung before. If you experienced no severe swelling and pain, you are not allergic to bees. Professional beekeepers are knowledgeable. They read and know a lot about bees, keeping bees and making different products.

beekeeping info Keeping Bugs Away From Your Picnic Posted By: John Moxly Nothing can ruin a picnic faster than a swarm of ants or a cloud of flies. Bugs are persistent pests that will not stop until they spoil an outdoor meal, which is why it’s important to prevent them from coming around before you start eating. Here are seven ideas for how to stop insects from ruining your picnic. Bug Repellent If you’re looking for a quick way to prevent bugs from ruining your picnic, insect repellent is an easy solution. There are a variety of bug repellents, but ant and flying insect repellents are the most useful. For maximum effectiveness, remember to spray the repellent on 30 minutes before your picnic. Avoid Areas Where There Are Many Bugs Insects are ubiquitous creatures, though they tend to gather in mass at specific locations. For example, never set up your picnic blanket within 50 feet of a garbage can. Ants and other critters swarm around trash and often surround the garbage can. Also, many mosquitoes and gnats tend to congregate around puddles, stagnant water and ponds. Even though you might want to enjoy a nice picnic near a river during warm weather, it’s best to avoid the water.
picnic bugs The Checklist Every Guide About Beekeeping For Beginners Must Include Posted By: Noah Arnolt In modern days, beekeeping has seen a considerable increase in the number of followers. Producing all natural and 100% honey, beeswax and royal jelly is one of the many advantatges keeping bees has. It is a green hobby, good for the environment, and for the bee population, that has decreased dramatically in the last years. One of the main pollinators is the bee. Having bees around it is very important to assist the pollination of your plants. Having bees around your garden will have a huge positive impact on your plants and vegetables. Beekeeping is good for you because it can be a very relaxing hobby, and one that keeps you motivated and fascinated. Let’s see a beekeeping for beginners guide quick points to start with. 1-Commitment and discipline: Keep in mind that beekeeping is a hobby that involves living creatures. Before you buy anything, even a beekeeping for beginners’ guide, ask to yourself if this hobby is for you. You cannot start and then get tired of it, so I recommend you to be very sure that you want to do it.

beekeeping Beekeeping Information For Beginners Posted By: Jeff Morgan Have you thought about beekeeping, but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe your neighbors taken up beekeeping, and you have a few questions? Once you understand some basic beekeeping information you understand that beekeeping can be very safe, easy, and quite enjoyable and if you run it as a business, quite profitable. Beekeeping requires Human Interaction Before you venture down the path to beekeeping, whether it is as a hobby or as a business, you must understand that you will have to interact in the lives of these bees. Why? You are taking a bee from its natural environment and bringing it into a controlled environment where you are in control. Therefore, you must be willing to become a part of their lives. You also really need to understand that because of this interaction is a likelihood of being stung. It doesn’t happen very often and there are ways to minimize the likelihood. Unlike wasps or hornets, bees usually only sting when threatened and they do this to protect the hive. It is very important to have an anaphylactic injection nearby in case someone is stung that is allergic to bees.

beekeeping Information You Need For Beekeeping Posted By: Scott Harvey In order to collect honey properly, the procedures involved are controlled. Keeping bees has behind it a long and fascinating history and is not just a rewarding hobby, but also has the potential to be a profitable business. Before one can take advantage of the potential of beekeeping though, some basic information on beekeeping needs to be learned first. The Equipment You’ll Need Making sure that you have in your possession the proper equipment is the first step to success in beekeeping. The elements of the hive itself are what is most important for any beekeeper to consider because the hive is the foundation of your hobby and your livelihood. Beekeepers can begin their business by purchasing "package" bees which is a quantity of adult bees, usually between 2 to 5 pounds (1 to 2 kilograms), purchasing an established colony or by collecting swarms themselves. But for beginners, I’d suggest starting with package bees. The compulsory items needed for beekeeping are as follows: the beekeeping suit, thick gloves and a hat with an accompanying veil. Another necessary tool to have is a smoker. A smoker will permit the beekeeper to work closely with the hive by moderating the bees behavior.

beekeeping information Properly Appreciate And Understand Your Beehive Posted By: Scott Harvey The most important part of beekeeping is to do with the hive itself because it’s where the colony spends the majority of its time. Over the years, the beekeeping community have made substantial improvements on hives to permit removing honey an easier task. Langstroth Hives The universal standard in beekeeping hives is the Langstroth hive and this is what is most used in the United States. The Langstroth is a "movable frame" hive and the structure is wooden, rectangular and held inside are the combs. Generally, there are up to ten of these combs within the frame at any one time. The astonishing thing with these particular frames is that they don’t have a top or bottom – the combs just hang inside of their own accord. The structure of the combs themselves is comprised of a sheet of wax or plastic. The wax sheets enable the bees to put together more wax to make the honeycomb. The bees will then deposit the honey and the pollen into the cells of the comb once complete. The design of the box is to allow the removal of the frames that are saturated with the honey that is to be extracted.

beekeeping hive Beekeeping Info – What You Need To Start Beekeeping Posted By: Kevin Farley Beekeeping is a complete science by itself and involves understanding bee behavior in order to manage them well. Keeping bees has been a productive hobby for many people for decades and some have actually turned their hobbies into profitable businesses. If you are interested to get into beekeeping, you need to take the time to gather information about bees, before you even give this activity a try. If you are serious about learning how to manage bees well, the first thing you need to do is to gather the right supplies for beekeeping. Of course, the most important things on your list are the bees and the beehive. You can actually buy an already organized bee colony, but you can also find more delight in collecting your own swarm of bees. You can do this by buying packaged bees. You would also have to buy a beekeeping suit that should come with a veil and gloves. This is a protective suit that will not just protect your arms and legs, but more importantly, your face as well. Remember that although honey bees are usually tame, they can be quite aggressive when they feel that their hive is threatened.

beekeeping info The Perfect Hobby – Honey On Bees Posted By: Steven Campbell A beekeeping hobby may not be that profitable right away, but it is still an enjoyable task, especially for someone who spends the time learning how to do it the proper way. You may delight in the thought of producing your own money, but don’t really know where to start. This is when a guide in beekeeping can help you. A good book on beekeeping gives all the details that you need to know to get you started with your honey making business. It should be able to answer all the questions you have as a beginner who is just about to start a beekeeping hobby. A good beekeeping guide would also give you a list of regulations regarding honey making in your area. Although there are areas that encourage beekeeping because of the contribution of bees to the environment, there are also other areas that restrict it. Most areas with gardens and farms would rather have honey bees rather than aggressive insects like wasps which can wreak havoc on their plants. Bees can also help pollinate their plants, which is a good way of multiplying their produce.

honey on bees How To Start Building A Bee Hive Posted By: Shak D Aside from the bees themselves, the next most important element in beekeeping is the bee hive itself. There are many types of bee hives that are available and are designed to make keeping bees an easier task. In the United States, the Langtroth hive is the most commonly used bee hive. It is made from a wood frame that is rectangular in form and can easily support about ten combs hanging inside the frame. Sheets of wax are used as comb foundation. Sometimes, a wax-covered plastic can also be used to build the foundation for the honey comb. The frame should be movable and should make it easy for the honey to be taken out when it is full. Bees will then store the pollen and the honey inside the cells of the honey comb. Those who are in the hobby of maintaining bees sometimes use top-bar bee hives. Although these are more commonly used in Africa, there are several beekeepers in the United States who would also prefer to use them. Top-bar bee hives have a bar attached on top (as the name implies), but these are not reusable the way Langtroth beehives are.

building a bee hive Wrong Maps Equal Wrong Destinations — Wrong Beekeeping Information Equals Failed Beekeeping Posted By: Wade Mease How do I get the best beekeeping information? How do I prevent problems with my neighbors and my bees? Can I be successful keeping bees all the way to putting wonderful honey in the jar? These are great questions that most new beekeepers ask themselves prior to beginning their beekeeping experience. Visualization is the process of seeing things in your mind before they actually occur and some say it is a very powerful tool for success in any area of our lives. Let’s assume they are right. You want to be a very successful beekeeper with your own honey bees in your back yard, right? So, let’s visualize what that will look like! Okay, now relax, close your eyes and let’s mentally walk around your future beautiful yard and garden. Your flowers are amazing with their wonderful colors, textures, and variety. You can smell them and the aroma is amazing. You listen very closely and you can hear the hum of hundreds of very busy bees pollinating your flowers and you know that’s part of the reason you are enjoying the beauty of your flowers.

beekeeping information Don’t Forget To Wear Your Beekeeping Suit Posted By: Scott Harvey Understanding the defensive measures that bees will take when threatened is paramount as a first step when the thought of working with bees appeals to you. Despite having a broad knowledge of the behavior of bees, beekeepers should always wear their beekeeping suit. Allergies and How the Body Responds to Stings Although lots of people are allergic to bee stings, those people only know because they were stung first by a bee. If keeping bees is of interest to you, you do need to find out if you’re allergic to them. One must accept the fact that they will be stung occasionally – something that all beekeepers (even the experienced ones) live with. As a matter of fact, there are those that believe that the greater number of stings one receives, the greater the resistance to the resulting inflammation the body will develop, and that there’s no harm in getting a few stings each year. The venom in the sting triggers the body’s natural defenses to produce the necessary antibodies to build a resistance, and over time, the more stings that one receives, the stronger the resistance will be.

beekeeping suit Beekeeping And The Information You’ll Need To Begin Posted By: Scott Harvey Beekeeping is a regulated process of raising bees so that honey can be collected. There is a long history behind the keeping of bees and it’s not merely a pleasing hobby to indulge in. It can also be a profitable business. But in order to see the potential from this enjoyable pastime become a reality, a great deal of beekeeping information must first be absorbed. Suggestions for Buying Bees Having the correct supplies and equipment is paramount to being a success in beekeeping. The base components of the hive is the first thing any beekeeper will need to consider, as the hive itself is the key to your hobby and your business. Beekeepers usually begin their business by buying "package bees". These are an amount of mature bees usually between 2 to 5 pounds (1 to 2 kilograms), or by investing in an established colony. It’s also an option to collect your own swarms. For the beginner though, it’s recommended to purchase the package bees to begin with. Other important elements to beekeeping is the protective clothing you’ll require. This includes the full-length suit, the gloves, the hat and the veil.

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