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Understanding The Power Of Instagram Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch Understanding the Power of Instagram by Connie H. Deutsch As someone who loves my privacy and alone time, I’m having a difficult time trying to understand the fascination with Instagrams, an app that allows users to take photos with their cameras then apply a nostalgic digital filter which makes the photos look as if they were taken in the 1970s or with a Polaroid. First of all, I don’t understand the fascination of wanting pictures that look like they were taken in the 1970s and second of all, I can’t imagine being comfortable with having my insignificant daily movements being recorded for family and friends everywhere I go. One of my friends loves having Instagrams recording everything in her life. Wherever she goes, she takes pictures and posts them on Facebook. She told me about some of the pictures she’s taken and shared with family and friends and I can’t imagine anyone being interested in seeing them. There are even photo contests for these non-events. Most of the photographs are of subjects that are just as uninspiring as the prizes given for the winners.

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single lens reflex camera camera You Will Buy A Digital Camera – Getting The Right Digital Camera Posted By: Jim Patterson Do you remember getting your first camera? If you are over 40 likely it was a Kodak instamatic camera. Perhaps even what was called a compact of portable camera then. Either way, it was the cutting edge in photography for the masses with film cartridges replacing the difficulties some had spooling the film into the camera. For years, basic photography held little in the way of technical know how. The advent of digital cameras and their rapid replacement of film based cameras has taken a market that was almost boring in it’s lack of choices in the mass market portion of the marketplace and turned it into a technical maze for many. As a result, many are getting interested in photography beyond the most basic level again. Digital photography, while more technical than the wave of disposable cameras still out there, have made advanced photographic endeavors a possibility by being much more accessible to the masses than at any time in history. So now people are faced with decisions like: Should I go with a "Point And Shoot" style or a "Digital SLR" camera?

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