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Travel-and-Leisure Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is one of the popular attractions of Kerala where tourists .e in a large number to see the speckled beauty of flora, fauna and avifauna species. This beautiful bird sanctuary is situated on the banks of Vembanand Lake 12 km in Kottayam district of Kerela. The sanctuary is often quoted as an ornithologist’s paradise. This place is a favourite haunt of migratory birds like the Siberian cranes, heron, stork, darter, teal and egret. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary sprawled over an area of 101 acres. Though it is a small sanctuary yet its exotic charm of natural splendours calls on scores of tourists to this place from across the globe. The well known attractions of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary are: Attractions of the Sanctuary Flora – Mangrove forests, green paddy fields and coconut grooves are the popular varieties of trees found in the in this sanctuary. The diverse collection of these tress nurtures exotic varieties of fauna and avifauna species. Avifauna – This sanctuary is renowned for the exotic collection local and migratory bird’s species. It is the foremost attractions of this place which calls of good number of Ornithologist, nature lovers and nature photographers from across the globe. The local species of birds which can be easily sighted here are cuckoo; herons water ducks, parrots, flycatchers, waterfowl and more. During migratory season visitors gets an opportunity to see endangered species of Siberian cranes and other species of migratory birds. Mammals – This sanctuary is also famous for its several species of mammals which enthrall tourists during their wildlife safari. Some of the easily sighted wildlife animals are monkeys, leopards, nilgiri tahr, deer, civet cats, elephants and bear. Things to do at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Houseboat and motorboat Cruise This cruise is the best way to explore the scenic beauty and diverse collection of flora, fauna and avifauna species of this place. The cruise is done in the Vembanad Lake which is the lifeline of this park. This lake touches the every nook and corner of the sanctuary which provides tourists an opportunity to see the diverse beauty of this place. During sailing through the serene water of the Vembanad Lake tourists can feel the ecstasy of nature which thrill and excite them simultaneously. The best part of this cruise is the island of Pathiramana. This island is the centre of attraction because of its scenic landscapes and diverse collection of bird’s species which engrosses tourists. The best time to explore the scenic of this sanctuary is from June to August but November to February is the favoured time because at this time migratory birds flock here in large number. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: