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Li Meike "uniformed" hit their life – era pattern "uniformed" entertainment Sohu Li Meike stills Sohu entertainment news by the Beijing Beijing silent film and television media culture Co. Ltd. and the Ministry of Public Security jointly produced a TV series "propaganda bureau those girls uniformed", was yesterday on the eight sets of CCTV theater broadcast at noon. The chief producer by Bai Yu, Tang Jingrui served as director, Li Meike, Liu Xuan, Yang Qiming and other actors starring. Tao Xiaoran Li Mei played pianjing era model, presents a new era of the pattern of life for the majority of the audience jinghua. Li Meike created new era: their audience policewoman finally understood, "those girls" dressed in police uniform tells several 80, 90 girls, for different reasons as police, including pianjing guards, police, police, special police, traffic police and other kinds of police, in their own posts, they launched a special life is different. The "+ + + female youth inspirational human nature" as the starting point, from the girl how to become a policewoman, from ordinary people how to become a hero of the angle, focus on a group of youthful, fearless young policewoman image, the spirit of contemporary women on the screen. Among them, played by Li Meike Tao Xiaoran after graduating from the police academy to become pianjing, she is young and beautiful, full of vitality, jieruqiu also fear mice and cockroaches. So no Jinghua goddess, the goddess of the high cold fan children, do not let a person produce a kind of non palpable feeling. The small contingent of people and the overall rhythm is also very agreeable audiences. "Narrow the distance between the role and the audience, I have been pursuing and adhering to." Talk about drama, Li Meike said. Although the drama has just aired, the audience said: "see a small contingent of Li Meike plays, finally felt Cagney and Lacey not other people’s house, but their own." The high value of Yan Mei is dedicated Jinghua tour struck from just like episode, "the girls" dressed in youth, fashion, personality, full of positive energy. It is worth emphasizing that in bestie prevalent today, circle bestie in their mutual trust customers, and depend on each other, can freely chat, tell. They work not only in life to help each other in emotion is instrumental or enlighten each other. Without the slightest idea such as when the anti fire security bestie plot, at least in the story has aired, no signs of. Whether they love to go to the end, not yet known. As a Chinese film the hottest young actress, Li Mei on a variety of character roles can perform penetrating in her home "," wife, "Shen Jilan", "snow in Kunlun", "bath", "zero towers", "red flower" and other television drama bones have a superb performance to the audience. Leave a deep impression. Skillful at the same time, Li Mei also dedicated has become a habit. And don’t say "hoe" in fracture after shoot. Hanging wire Fanchuang climbing section focused on "uniformed" in second, are personally into battle, no substitute, dedicated and professional Li Mei can peep. For the role, so the fight may be worthy of our continued love and support.   相关的主题文章: