Liaoning port intercepted two kinds of quarantine pests from the United States

Liaoning port intercepted two from the United States quarantine pests morning news (Peninsula morning news, Haili network reporter Qi Yuanyuan) recently, the Liaoning inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff in a group from the United States a total of 8 containers of alfalfa hay in the implementation of on-site inspection and quarantine, suspected of quarantine pest. In order to ensure the pest is not spread, the staff quickly found the pests after tubing sealing, and worm like censorship. The Liaoning inspection and quarantine technology center identification, determine the quarantine pests intercepted in the long valley, platyrrhine like beetles, this is the first port of Liaoning in the two entry in the forage intercepted quarantine pests. As the main host for platyrrhiny valley of wheat and barley, corn, soybeans and other food, the pest damage, damage or breakage is generally not too mature grain field, is an important pest in grain storage; the main host of beetles long pointed fruit genera, genera, Lam hematoxylin column Cedrela, Yoshimi many other genus of conifer and broadleaf trees, the pest felled trees were cut down, and the wind blew down the logs, living trees or even damage growth weak, damage the xylem, boring holes, reduce the use value of wood. The Bureau will be to the provincial inspection and Quarantine Bureau to report the relevant information and office goods and according to the requirements for the implementation of the cargo fumigation.相关的主题文章: