Liu Yan cast to play the self Yuan Bingyan Jiang kifo birthday joy celebration (video) 66814

Liu Yan cast to play the self Yuan Bingyan Jiang kifo birthday joy Tencent celebration entertainment news November 8, 2016, filming in Hengdian Liu Yan coincided with the birthday, is also a big drama IP "back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke of Yangling" Liu Yan scenes shot, shooting the gap, Jiang Jinfu, Yuan Bingyan, Zhang Sifan and other actors and crew together for Liu Yan’s simple and warm birthday party. Liu Yan was wearing in the drama "into Qiyun" costume, wearing a lovely birthday crown, holding the crew carefully prepared flowers, eyes and wish everyone a good mood, smiling. Liu Yan and Yuan Bingyan together, holding the cake, duzui than heart self selling adorable costume costumes with cake, flowers, through the full sense, and "back to the Ming Dynasty as Qiyun Wang Yangling’s biography", also on this day as the birthday of Liu Yan, ushered in the last game of the crank up the play, play group with birthday cakes and flowers, to bid farewell to the Qiyun, also celebrate Liu Yan successfully completed, the scene is very warm and touching. This is not the first time Liu Yan spend his birthday at work, dedicated desperately Niang also every year with their own efforts to get more and more popular. Because Liu Yan and Liu Yan very love of charity, the fans on her birthday this day in her name for a number of charities, as homes for old people to send warmth and love, donations to charity projects, this is very meaningful for Liu Yan’s birthday, has many fans in the micro-blog post Liu Yan Happy birthday wishes, distressed to remind desperately Niang to rest, take care of yourself. Sole! Liu Yan: I like the couple and brokers"相关的主题文章: