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Beauty Want to transform yourself from a plain Jane into a foxy femme? The simplest way to .pletely change your look is with the right makeup. You don?t have to be a pro! Just follow these basic, fun makeup tips and tricks and you?ll totally turn heads. Every time you apply makeup, make sure your face is freshly washed and exfoliated. You don’t want to start with a dirty slate. Gather your tools, which should include a magnifying makeup mirror and a trusty set of makeup brushes. Start your routine with a layer of foundation. Foundation is the perfect way to blend away lines, wrinkles, red spots, dark patches and other minor blemishes. Choose a shade similar to your natural skin tone. Then, apply using a synthetic sponge or your fingertips, if you choose. Dab the foundation on first and then blend it using downward and outward strokes. Use too much? The opposite side of the sponge is perfect for removing extra foundation. Remember never to use foundation on your neck or chin — and do everything in your power to avoid the ugly "makeup mask". That means you must pay special attention to your jawline and hairline. Concealer is next in line. Concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Use a shade too light and you risk revealing highlighting dark patches. A small arc beneath your eyes, a few dabs on your eyelids and a criss-cross pattern across any red areas and you’ll be well on your way to a faultless face! Make sure to dab or tap to blend, as rubbing will simply cause you to remove the concealer. Then, apply a dusting of powder to the entire face and continue to do so throughout the day to reduce unwanted shine. Want to add a little color? A small amount of brush across and down the cheekbones will provide you with a more natural look. For a real, simple look, add some mascara to curl your lashes and emphasize your eyes. Use a lash curler first if you wish to add some extra curl. Then, apply the mascara to the upper lashes in an upward, long, sweeping motion. You can also apply to the bottom lashes if you wish. Then, add some color and glamour to your eyes with a .plementary eyeshadow. There are tons of ways to accentuate your eyes using eyeshadow, but there is one basic rule that can be adapted to create a magnitude of striking looks. The lightest color should cover most of the entire lid and extend near the edge of the eyebrow. A slightly darker shade from the same or .plementary color family should be used to line the crease. Remember; use lighter colors to highlight and darker colors to add serious depth. Once you’ve applied eyeshadow, add a little liner. Whether you choose a pencil or a liquid liner (but only if you have a super-steady hand!), there are a few basic rules. Remember to draw as close to the lashline as possible, on both the top lid and under the bottom eyelashes. Try to draw the line in one, simple fluid motion and following the natural shape of the eye. If you have larger eyelids, make your line thicker. If you have smaller eyelids, though, stay away from thick lines and practice a fine line instead. To avoid irritation, don’t line the inner rim of the eye and contact wearers make sure to put your eye makeup on after inserting your lenses! And who could the lips? Lipliner is a dynamite way to define lips. Try to line as close to your natural lip shape as you can. Then, apply a hot shade of lipstick using a lip brush, especially if you have a tiny mouth. If you don’t want a lot of color on your lips, stick with a yummy chapstick or shiny (but not sticky) gloss. Your lips will look kissably soft, pink and luscious. Makeup is a super-easy, super-fun way to change up your look. After following these basic makeup tips and tricks, you can confidently go out into the night (or office, or on that dinner date) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: