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Luzhou Jiangyang district held the first round of inspections: business training – Sichuan Channel – Chengdu 14 October, "through training, I know the inspections process, inspection report writing letters and general principle and matters needing attention, at the same time the inspection and inspection task focus, for the upcoming patrol lay the foundation of supervision." Recently in Luzhou City Jiangyang district the first round of inspections of business training, Shi Zhai town Party committee recommended the inspection staff Zhao Zheng Gang, said after the training. The Commission Jiangyang District Committee, District Secretary, deputy head of police patrol work leading group Zhang Cheng said, Jiangyang District of Luzhou city as a patrol pilot counties, set up by the party secretary of the head of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party organization Secretary Ren Fu head of the patrol work leading group, set up a patrol patrol office, three group, the approved staffing, clear inspection personnel level, composition etc.. Has been equipped with the patrol office director, three patrol group leader and office staff, to protect the office space, office equipment and official vehicles. Take the recommended personal registration and combination, the towns street, district level departments recommend 200 familiar with the discipline inspection and supervision, organization and personnel, engineering construction, government procurement and financial audit staff, composed of district patrol personnel, through training, investigation, comparison, select part of staff to participate in the first round of inspection chahar. The implementation of dynamic management of inspection personnel, adjust every year, do not fit in the inspection work, the timely adjustment, ensure patrol personnel often Jianchang new library. "The first round of inspections to ensure the orderly and efficient development, district has organized inspection office and each patrol group staff through participation in municipal patrol combat, the organization of collective learning, extensive training, strengthen patrol patrol consciousness, familiar with business, enhance the inspection ability." District patrol office director Wang Yi introduced, at the same time, in order to make the inspection work standardized system, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness, the district patrol office for "patrol reference manual", from the policy, system, discipline, business level to protect the inspection work carried out. "The inspector must highlight the political and grassroots party leadership on weakening, the construction of the party, lack of comprehensive strictly ineffective three big problems, focus on examination of the grass-roots party organizations and leading cadres of the party, and implement the guidelines and policies of the party and the decisions of the central government is resolute; core role, fighting force are effective play; comprehensive performance strict responsibility is in place." Party committee, discipline committee Zhang Cheng said that the inspection work must focus on leading cadres discovered the existence of corruption and bribery and other violations of the law, the existence of the four winds and other issues, the existence of violations of political discipline of the party, the existence of people and corruption with unwholesome tendencies of the candidate. Seize the important positions, key links and major projects to find the problem, not only a positive wind Su Ji, punish corruption, and clear-cut reform and innovation, want to do, pragmatic play, clean and honest cadres support encouraging, to create a good environment of entrepreneurship. In order to ensure that the inspection and supervision of cadres loyal and reliable, superb business, integrity, courage to play, the district requires the inspector must be politically strong, strong business,相关的主题文章: