Mazu home Fujian Songshan village hundreds of years ancient present in early Qing Dynasty – Beijing plants war

"Mazu home Fujian Songshan village hundreds of years ancient present in early Qing Dynasty – in wooden Mazu zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Ningde on 1 September, (ye Chen Jie) reporter 1 from Fujian Xiapu days Matsuyama palace board was informed that the" two wooden carving of Mazu home "Songshan village one hundred years old well, respectively. As the wood of Mazu and maids. After preliminary identification by the experts, the two wood carvings for the early Qing relics. Xiapu County Museum curator Wu Chunming said, the two statues respect for the early Qing Dynasty works, the statue of Mazu high 25cm, high 18cm to Phoebe maid, for the material, fine carving, currently in the territory of Xiapu is extremely rare. It is understood that this statue is found two villagers Lv Qizhao Songshan village. The same day, he and the usual to the hut hundred years old well water rushed Paihonggou, when he dropped the bucket to Gujing immediately filed a bucket of water, found two wood carving statues in a bucket. For hundreds of years ancient village. Chen Jie photo at that time, I was shocked, how can there be a wooden statue of Furui Ri, the first two days to mention the water is not." Lv Qizhao said. Because it is depended on the sea, the villagers are more respected gods, Lv Qizhao will be the two elders with algae gods get home clean, wash and found the statue of Mazu statue is very similar, it is taken to the palace after comparison. The temple confirmation, a statue of Mazu statue for wood, a statue of Mazu maid. The 83 year old Xiapu days Matsuyama palace board chairman Chen Meiyue introduction, the complete set of carvings for 5 statues, 1 statue of Mazu Mazu, protecting the eyes and ears of the 1 statues, 2 maid statue, was enshrined in the hall of the day, but then lost unexpectedly, after a lapse of nearly 50 years later also, vividly. Wu Chunming said, Phoebe is known as the "Huang Di wood" in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, that is to say Huang Di and the best officer before use, then can use this wood carving of Mazu, shows the status of Mazu, in this village was Songshan why such noble gods, remains to be further studied. As the birthplace of Mazu and spread to Xiapu, Songshan village is the sea goddess Matsu’s maiden, here is the ancient palace Matsuyama days China extant historic buildings, high specification worship Poseidon temple, dating back nearly a thousand years of history. According to research, this is the first day after the lady palace following the Meizhou temple, it is "the statue of Mazu Palace" reputation. Since the palace Matsuyama days the establishment of the board of directors, the board of directors committed to the rescue of scattered in folk cultural relics, the Song Dynasty relics wooden Mazu will protect eyes and ears, the Song Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty wooden statue of Mazu zhuchu lotus, the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Emperor Qianlong worship Mazu symbol edition circles inscriptions and from folk collected more than and 200 pieces of cultural relics. (end)相关的主题文章: