McDull was born 20 years at Alice Mak interactive film book bag powder and Beijing – in vy canis majoris

McDull was born 20 years at Alice Mak and the film book "bag powder" interaction – Beijing, Beijing, September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) the animated film "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders" 8 held in Beijing, the premiere, the film is McDull series seventh movie. Known as the "McDull mother" of Hongkong cartoonist Mak to the scene for the film Bilai platform upcoming cheer. In the "McDull? Rice treasure Raiders", an alien monster monster suddenly hit the earth and fart wantonly destroyed, into a global alert at the military decided to collect outstanding design of the robot world. McDull with his invention of the "electric meal Bao" competition, and selected by chance, as earth’s hope, finally, he is based on the "electric meal Bao", create a super robot "big meal treasure", become the hero to save the earth. This time, McDull to super hero image back to the screen, brain hole wide open, let a person shine. Claiming to be extremely "Indoorswoman" Alice Mak scene revealed that the film team spent two years time. This 90 minutes of animation, the story of the original author himself very touched. Adding a dynamic fighting scene, may be different from the previous style, hoping to give the audience a fresh feeling. A senior McDull fans came to interact with her and called the "pocket powder", the novel Alice Mak said he was also the first time I heard "bag powder" is the title, "we see very love McDull, my creation is also very dynamic, I think the fans like McDull, lovely, gentle, childish." Not only in the field of film, in the field of books McDull series also has excellent performance. The 20 anniversary of the birth of the McDull, relay press the new "pocket wheat picture book", this is the author of Xie Liwen and Alice Mak for the first time for the children of 3-6 creation of picture story books, including "who is this" tree "sub sub cake" "kids" "pig to cry" four volumes, the continuation of McDull warm tranquil style, small daily story McDull McMug and full of innocence, simple and interesting but profound connotation and thought-provoking. School of psychology Liaoning Normal University vice president Liu said, see the positive personality – almost all happiness, hope, responsible, quiet, humble, tolerant, generous and so on from the McDull who can. Positive psychology believes that there are two positive and negative forces in each person’s heart, the key is to see the individual itself is in which the power of a new force to inject. It is reported that the "McDull treasure Raiders" will be released? Rice in the mainland in September 15th mid autumn festival. (end)相关的主题文章: