More than a zombie zombie wide fear with Li Qinna Yan tie get muscle strength

More than a zombie zombie wide fear with Li Qinna Yan tie get muscle strength and low cost to guide movies on the first half of the year, finally came to the most intense summer season for South Korean cinema box office. Although inevitably there have been many malicious routines and sensational stuff, but thriller atmosphere or very accurate grasp. This is a look at their bright white face by the virus invasion into, such as color, feeble lips purple and so on Horror Picture, just let people address him difficult to accept! In fact, usually overtime, stay up late, meeting, irregular habits are likely to make you unconsciously become Ren (Xia)! Me Excuse? Are you sure still is not down Watermelon Juice basin in the face of the vu? South Korea "renge said Kong Liu Hale was hit with plasma features even is still handsome. Compared to South Korea’s specialty flower hole, Liu route is not unusual, he is a male hormone inexplicable, like the fire on the body, and with these many literary temperament, and handsome figure, many sisters into the pit of natural hin. Zheng Youmei in the play in addition to superb acting on the line, was scared of the gaunt face is very feeble is very good! In fact, if you usually pay attention to maintenance, such as the visual sense of the zombie dishes Yan! The wind howling, give your skin care products upgrading products suitable for subsequent nutrient absorption and promoting blood circulation products bursting ability is the "CAI for women! For this bloody roll screen you can Hold live it! But it is worth pondering, apart from those by effects after face makeup makeup, eye makeup is also a major feature of terror. Silver cosmetic contact lenses really deserved the scary first, generally divided into lacrimal groove type black eye black eye, black eye pigment type and vascular type black eye of the three, if two or three mix is a zombie Yan vu. Want to get rid of the zombie Yan life, first and stars secretly division! Let us look at the entertainment flowers Dan how they live Keep vitality! Li Qin was invited to participate in the 2017 Fashion Week show, in good condition without skin to skin retouching, reflective plate, white powder full skin moisture, like milk soak the tender and gentle. Li Qin girls from every muscle hard maintenance, use of high concentration, small molecule, light texture of the massage oil to fill up the skin, remove the accumulation of free radicals during the day, so that the skin for subsequent items with high status. Korean girl Lim Yoona recently in "The K2" conference, white and beautiful skin with a healthy flush, it seems winter skin is also very good, translucent white skin like bulbs shine, a beauty girl as usual halo attributes with massage instrument, promote skin absorption after skincare. Recently, our goddess coulee nuozha appeared frequently in the live picture, a black powder, she said she nausea, ultra emboldened domineering God replies "disgusting you to spit ah", already from nuozha more people love. It is commendable that through the live, nuozha skin Bailitouhong, around the eyes can not see a black eye and other defects. For actors.相关的主题文章: