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"Mrs." long live "variety of Queen Yan Ni acting again won the praise of the Sohu" Mrs. "Yan Ni long live entertainment poster Sohu entertainment news" long live the wife "in the upcoming September 8th Anhui satellite TV and Tianjin satellite TV broadcasting at the same time, Yan Ni will be trapped in marriage lost ladies correct Chinese wife good example. This drama will be aimed at the perspective of the majority of female groups, will be staged a wife’s family status battle. "Mrs." long live the group of play created a series of impressive characters, but the most surprising and memorable, or the drama played by Yan Ni Ye Shuxin in the role, her appearance was alive is a female warrior ", the Yan Ni continued their comedy talent, attention to detail super high acting, the role played by Ye Shuxin, full stop bursting point reach the acme of perfection. TV ratings queen Yan Ni million characters easily HOLD live "swordsman" in "the shopkeeper Tong" role, let Yan Ni overnight, "a servant of two masters", "life Apocalypse", "dear", "marriage" about four TV drama also let Yan Ni called "viewing the queen, Yan Ni starred in the TV series" the north wind that blows "," 37 hit twenty-one "superb acting so she won the China TV drama the highest gold content of the Gold Award and the flying crown, Yan Ni’s strength is no doubt. Her superb acting true nature, the role of a strong control of the role of a strong media and audience edge, each role can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Yan Ni in the "long live the wife" plays "Chinese good wife" leaves comfortable, on the living room next to the kitchen, family business with both hands, but also the pursuit of the ideal business family, the most comfortable and the leaf face itch mistress involvement, she is how to ensure the marriage with Mistress, never turn? One side is the family, while the cause, both can only take one of the circumstances, she is how to make a choice, and ultimately get the respect of all? In the face of these a lot of real life wife will encounter problems, see Yan Ni how to sound out the tactics for the ladies. Yan Ni subverts the traditional impression of "the most beautiful woman image" make people look forward to Yan Ni in the "long live" in Mrs. is greatly overturn the image of Yan Ni can be regarded as "the most beautiful of all movie screen image", Yan Ni fashion gorgeous style of the eye-catching, mature elegant, wise and capable, charming style, no matter she can easily manage and occupation suit or the girl dare to try the ten cm high heel shoes, bag hip skirt, sexy tight. To change the image of the scene, Yan Ni believes that image was more emotional expression of the drama, "Mrs. Yan Ni" long live not only with the "man" who staged a thought-provoking drama, she will also modern urban women face the dual pressures of society and family of the most incisive interpretation. "Long live" by Beijing Mrs. Runde Tong culture media Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Dongyang time story Television Productions Ltd, as a satellite media Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced, produced by Wang Qian, Wang Yifei, starring Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Morni Chang, Ziqi Zhao, Liu Li Co star.相关的主题文章: