Nanchang earlier this week to cool down the temperature on Wednesday night to meet the minimum tempe

Nanchang early this week Wednesday night at 11 DEG C temperature precipitation, minimum temperature of 30 to 31 on the two day 12~15 C Nanchang news network   the two day, your long johns turned out? The trick is freezing cold air cooling. Over the weekend, the province from north to south temperature diving, have dropped to around 20 degrees celsius. In Nanchang, the night before still feeling back to the days of summer, the second day feel decisive straightforward autumn. However, the impact of the last wave of cold air is not light, the day after tomorrow, another cold air will be seamless access to Nanchang. The next few days, the city’s highest temperature of 15~18 degrees C. The two day early in the morning, autumn is getting stronger, in the cold air and the effect of rain, this time the temperature in Nanchang fell very significantly. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the streets, the majority of the people have been replaced by the autumn and winter season, the coat, and even some people put on a down jacket, enough to let people see the first cold air deterrent. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the meteorological observatory, early this week, the cold air to cool down the temperature, the late sunny cloudy weather. I expect 31 city temperature 12~15, there will be a weak cold air of South, superimposed effect will make the province’s temperature continues to decline, on Wednesday, the lowest temperature of the city will usher in the night of 11 DEG C, then the temperature will gradually rise to 20 DEG C. (reporter Chen Shilei)相关的主题文章: