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Nanfang Daily: improve the government website to inject new ideas — the media — original title: improving the government website to inject new ideas since the implementation of the State Council to promote open government work, let the government website how to play a function will often cause concern. In fact, this is not a new topic. Only with "zombie website" as an example, we can use it as a keyword in the search results on a mobile phone or computer, it can be found that over the past five or six years, almost every year, such as the "government site does not have a" zombie "" "" zombie website "when Hugh" zombie "website" to live "heart" "zombie" behind is not official "article, which shows the high voice of civil regulation. To this end, the State Council General Office issued a special document last year, requiring the national government website to carry out the census, remediation zombie government website". It must be admitted that since the end of the last century, the implementation of the "" project, nearly 20 years ago, many local government websites in the implementation of E-government has made significant progress in public. However, there are still a lot of room for improvement, such as zombie sites. For example, the general office of the State Council recently issued "on the 2016 second national government website checks of the bulletin" mentioned in the 746 levels of government websites were randomly selected in 112 sites are still not qualified, one of Yunnan’s "Mengla county" web site update is not more than 6 years. According to the "zombie website", "people’s Daily" recently found in some government websites, people always exchange plate is relatively active, but often only active people, some local governments or "no reply", or "God replies". Visible, the government website management is not good, not only waste people’s property does not say, there may be to reduce the credibility of the government. The premise is to find the focus of treatment. In view of such as "zombie website" "God replies" phenomenon, some analysts believe that this not only with the number of government websites is the "follow the trend of construction" in the planning, but also exposed a part of managers "lack of awareness of service and other issues. But in my opinion, this is only the appearance of the problem. An intriguing data is found in China in 2015 for the first time a census of the government website, 421 unqualified websites, 83% concentrated in the first quarter of this year, but the results are still the same spot. Although there is not enough maintenance personnel "heart", but also should not be overlooked is that in the above one thousand lines, following a needle "administrative structure, the primary sector is often one of several roles, much less resources, so it is easy to appear or lack of full-time maintenance personnel, or the lack of professional maintenance personnel and service consciousness. The above analysis for the grass-roots government website no excuse, but would like to emphasize that after the government and Internet technology have developed more than 20 years, may wish to reconsider the function and role of government websites, put it into the macro view of the modern state governance. The need to look at this is whether each agency needs an independent government website? For example, the above a hall, bureau, extended to the grassroots is likely to be a station, then, it is not the latter must correspond to build a web site? Change)相关的主题文章: